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January 16, 2014

Karin Knapp


6‑3, 4‑6, 10‑8

THE MODERATOR:  Questions, please.

Q.  How are you feeling now?
KARIN KNAPP:  I'm feeling good.  I mean, I played a great match and it was so close.  It's normal that at the end a little bit ‑‑you want to win at the end because it was so close, but I played a great match and looking forward to doing many matches like this.

Q.  Even though it was like 44 degrees or something ridiculous, were you able to...
KARIN KNAPP:  No, it was really hot.  I know that it was hot for me, but I know it was hot also for Maria.  We were fighting both I think with the heat.
It was really tough, but we didn't stop.  We played, and that was it.

Q.  Do you think the play should have stopped?
KARIN KNAPP:  Yeah, it was hot.  I think maybe they could change some rules, because it's not the same like playing under the roof or with the sun.  So maybe.

Q.  Did you ever feel like it was dangerous out there?
KARIN KNAPP:  I think it helped to me a bit the 10 minutes after the second set.  That helped me a lot, because I think also we went to the locker room and we could cool down a little bit.
That help a bit, but how I said, I think they should change some rules.

Q.  You played a great game today.  Did you feel like you had it in the bag in third set?
KARIN KNAPP:  Yeah, it's not easy to think this with Maria, but I think I played my game from the beginning to the end.  I tried to hit, to make pressure, because that's what I have to do.
And, yeah, there were two ‑‑I think Maria served‑‑ she made some double faults, but I think she played really, really good also the second serve.  I tried to attack, and there were two returns out like this, and at the end she won, so...  (Smiling).

Q.  What did you think about your shot on break point that hit the net and went over for you?

Q.  On break point at 5‑4, when you hit the return that hit the net and fell on her side to win the point.
KARIN KNAPP:  I was lucky (smiling).
I mean, but this is tennis.  It's like this.  They were, how you said, I was lucky there.  I think if these two returns were not out like this but in, it could change, so...
Luck.  It's in the game, so...

Q.  Do you take confidence moving forward after this performance today against Maria?
KARIN KNAPP:  Yes, yes, it gave me confidence, because Maria is, I mean, in the three best players of the world.  So I trying to find as much as possible these feelings and getting to play games like this all the time, and it gave me confidence, yes.

Q.  How serious is the heart problem you had a couple years ago?  How serious was that?  Did you think you might not be able to keep playing?
KARIN KNAPP:  No, that was a problem that I, how you say, resolve with two surgeries.  But it's fine.  I do just the controls every year for me, for myself, but that's all done, all fine.

Q.  At the time were you worried about whether it would affect your tennis and whether you'd be able to keep playing?
KARIN KNAPP:  Yes, yes, of course, because you have to do two surgeries in your heart.  They always going to touch your heart.
But it was not easy.  A lot of difficult moments.  But I keep trying to get back, and I'm really happy.

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