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January 17, 2014

Jerzy Janowicz


F. MAYER/J. Janowicz
7‑5, 6‑2, 6‑2

THE MODERATOR:テつ Questions, please.

Q.テつ How did you hurt your foot in the offseason?
JERZY JANOWICZ:テつ I think because of the tiredness, because I didn't do actually anything.テつ I was able to play Paris Bercy normally, but I came back to my home, and after two days I was just walking on the street and I starts to feel the pain and this was the beginning.
But as you know, tennis players, they have all the time some problems, so I didn't expect it's going to be that serious.テつ After one week, I made the MRI, and we realized I have a broken bone.

Q.テつ It's broken right now?
JERZY JANOWICZ:テつ Before I was leaving Poland was still a little bit broken; was not 100% healthy.テつ There was still quite a bit inflammation.テつ So all the time I'm taking against inflammation pills, and we will see how it's going to be.
Anyway it's better than it was before definitely.

Q.テつ Were you bothered today by the conditions, by the heat?
JERZY JANOWICZ:テつ Most important was I didn't practice for two months.テつ I just came to Sydney without absolutely any practice, and I didn't have opportunity for to prepare myself for long matches.
Still, I'm anyway happy I was able to go to this third round.テつ My second‑round match was also over three hours.テつ I'm anyway really happy, because I didn't expect I'm going to be third round without practicing.
I was completely fresh, and I was absolutely unprepared for this tournament, so I'm still happy.

Q.テつ Are these conditions worse for a big guy, someone your size?
JERZY JANOWICZ:テつ I don't think so.テつ I don't think so, because depends of the person, yeah.
My problem today was I was unprepared, yeah, and I played two matches in the row over three hours.テつ Second round three hours 30 minutes, I believe, and was extremely hot.テつ Was over 41 degrees.テつ I was really exhausted after this match.
Because I didn't practice much, I was not able to get ready for the next match.テつ So everything depends of the person.テつ Today I was completely kaput.

Q.テつ Did you feel like he played a smart game against you taking the pace off the ball, pushing it around?
JERZY JANOWICZ:テつ Whatever he would do today and whatever I would do today doesn't matter.テつ I was just ‑‑I had no power to stay on the court.テつ I felt like I'm gonna collapse soon.
And like I said, the biggest problem was I was unprepared.テつ Doesn't matter whether it was tactic; doesn't matter if he was smart or I was stupid.

Q.テつ Do you think that his serve was a bit unreadable for you?
JERZY JANOWICZ:テつ I just gave the answer for you.

Q.テつ Sounds like you felt you were beaten before you went on the court.
JERZY JANOWICZ:テつ Say it again.

Q.テつ Like you didn't think you could win, even at the start of the match, because of not being able to practice.
JERZY JANOWICZ:テつ No, no, I never think this way.テつ Still deep down I was thinking am I gonna be able to win this match.
You know, I'm fighting always, but today I just was not able to play, and that's it.

Q.テつ Did the doctors advise you that you need to stay off your foot in order for it to heal, or that it was okay to play on it and you'd be fine?
JERZY JANOWICZ:テつ You mean my doctor in Poland?

Q.テつ Yeah, the doctor initially.
JERZY JANOWICZ:テつ Doctor was not sure about this trip to Australia, but I wanted to go so badly.テつ I was hoping it's going to be better.テつ That's why I didn't practice two months before this trip, because I want to prepare this foot.
I want to get healthy as much as possible.テつ And as you could see, my first match in Sydney was not really top class.テつ Just day before I was able to play first time points after two months, so I lost quickly against Dolgopolov 6‑2, 6‑2.
After this match I had one day off to see how it's going to be with the foot, and day after I was already practicing.テつ But was not enough.
Maybe if I would be able to play during the night session maybe it would be different story, but today the sun and the tough two matches before, too much for now.

Q.テつ Given the fact that matches were suspended yesterday, do you think that they should have played today during the heat, during the afternoon?
JERZY JANOWICZ:テつ I don't know what was the temperature there.テつ Like I don't know if it was over 42.テつ Was it?

Q.テつ It was about 40 maybe when you went on.
JERZY JANOWICZ:テつ I don't know.テつ It's not my decision.テつ Of course they want to finish the match.テつ It's possible.テつ So my only chance was to start the match during the night session.
Even if they would stop my match, anyway I will have to start at 6:00 and maybe 5:00 and it's gonna be still 38, yeah?
So my only hope was to start the match at 7:00, during the night session.テつ But it didn't happen today.

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