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January 28, 2014

Tiger Woods


Q.  Your thoughts on that today?
TIGER WOODS:  It was fun.  I had not played with Steve in a long time, it's been a while.  But we were talking about‑‑ reminiscing about our Walker Cup way back when, '95 or something.  And playing with Fred's always a blast.  I've known him for so long, been almost like a big brother to me over the years.

Q.  Anything specific that was different in ball‑striking today versus what we saw on Saturday?
TIGER WOODS:  No, nothing.  I didn't change anything.  I went home and had a nice day off, worked on my putting a little bit in the backyard, and that was it.
I know I'm not that far off.  Just had one day and that happens.  I was swinging well until‑‑ even that shot I hit on 18 there on the third round was right at the flag, between 3‑iron and 5‑wood, tried to chip a 5‑wood in there and hit it short in the water and snowballed from there.  But I hit a lot of good shots to that point and then struggled to the next stretch, but you know, that's unfortunately, the longer you play this sport, the more things like that happen.

Q.  Tell us the condition of the golf course.
TIGER WOODS:  Tell you what, the rough is certainly thick and lush, the fairways are the same.  They are on the softer side.  Seems like they put a lot of overseed in them and the greens are absolutely immaculate.  They have got some speed to them.  Some firmness to them but not too bad.  But more than anything, man, they are rolling so true.  First out, early in the morning, you can pour a lot of putts in.

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