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January 28, 2014

Mark O'Meara


Q.テつ What are your impressions coming back?
MARK O'MEARA:テつ Dubai is an amazing place.テつ To be able to come here and play the tournament, and over these last 15 years, seeing the changes that have transpired taking place here in Dubai has been amazing.テつ I don't know of any other city in the world that you can see the development of what's happened here.
They are very keen on golf and always have great champions, and fortunately I've won the tournament, so I have a great relationship with the guys here and I always look forward to coming back. Looking at the time lapse photography, back in 1984, and now it looks more like New York City.テつ It's a spectacular place to come visit.

Q.テつ You travel all over the world; to what would you attribute the growth?
MARK O'MEARA:テつ I think Sheikh Mohammed is a very amazing man and his whole team, understanding that Dubai is an amazing tourist destination.テつ So people in Europe in wintertime when it's cold, they come here and visit; the weather is nice and the hotels are amazing and the food is good and it's very safe.テつ To be able to come visit a Middle East country and have all those things is really tremendous.

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