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January 21, 2014

Flavia Pennetta


N. LI/F. Pennetta
6‑2, 6‑2

THE MODERATOR:テつ Questions, please.

Q.テつ What do you think about Li Na's performance today?
FLAVIA PENNETTA:テつ It was perfect for her.テつ She play really well.テつ Since the first ball, I think she play really well today.

Q.テつ You and Li Na are the two 30‑year‑old women.テつ What keeps you playing at such a high level?
FLAVIA PENNETTA:テつ I think we still working in a good way.テつ We try to have a good team with us.テつ They can help us in every moment.
Is good to see older player, no, in the court and fighting.テつ Today I think she was perfect in everything.テつ I mean, I didn't have a lot of chance at all.
I just have to say to her congratulation.

Q.テつ Do you feel like Li Na is more focused on the court than previous matches you play with her a couple years ago?
FLAVIA PENNETTA:テつ No, I think she's just improve her game a lot.テつ She's really consistent.テつ But she's one of the best player.テつ Today she was much better than me in the court.
In the last year she improve a lot her game.テつ She's more, I think, consistent with the forehand.テつ And her serve, it's working really good also.テつ She's a really good player.

Q.テつ As the match went on, what were you trying to do to get yourself back into it tactically?
FLAVIA PENNETTA:テつ Was really tough today because I didn't serve really well.テつ My serve doesn't work in the way I would like to.
But, I mean, I think she make no mistake at all.テつ In the first five games, maybe one or two, and a lot of winners.
I was trying to pushing, but she was faster and stronger than me today, so...
I try my best, but she was too good.

Q.テつ Of the women players on the tour, when she is playing like that, when she's hot...
FLAVIA PENNETTA:テつ ...she is tough.

Q.テつ Up there with Serena and some of the other big hitters?
FLAVIA PENNETTA:テつ Of course.テつ She's No.5 or 4 in the world.テつ She's a Grand Slam champion.テつ That's what we're talking about.

Q.テつ How do you sum up this tournament for you personally?
FLAVIA PENNETTA:テつ Was good.テつ I mean, I am happy about this tournament.テつ Was a really good tournament.テつ I play a few matches in a good way.テつ I enjoy to play here in Australia.テつ I have to be happy.
Of course, now I'm a little bit upset because I would like to play a little bit better today.テつ But next week I have another tournament and everything start again.

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