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January 25, 2014

Lukasz Kubot

Robert Lindstedt


6‑3, 6‑3

THE MODERATOR:  Questions, please.

Q.  You're both over the 30 years of age mark.  Must be a pretty special moment for you to win your first Grand Slam title.  How special is this?
ROBERT LINDSTEDT:  No, I think everybody could see after the match what it means to me.  I cried like a schoolboy, didn't I (smiling)?
No, it means the world to me.  I even messed up the speech and everything.
Lukasz is such a good tennis player.  He's got a singles career, too.  For me, this is all I've got.  I've been working so hard, so hard, for this.  Fighting injuries and working with the right people back home, trying to find ways to make this happen.
I'm in the gym more than I am on the tennis court.  So it's a childhood dream come true, and I'm probably not going to believe it until I finish my career.
But it means absolutely everything to me.

Q.  Robert, I talked to Jonas yesterday.  He said in Stockholm you were not so happy.  You asked him to play there.  How important is he in this success?
ROBERT LINDSTEDT:  Jonas has meant a lot to me.  Since I started in the Swedish Davis Cup team years and years ago when they picked me up as a fifth guy, as a practice partner, he immediately started telling me a few things.
I mean, first and foremost, he's one of my best friends.  But he's also been like a mentor to me with doubles, teaching me a few things here and there.  We've been discussing back and forth.
Since he was playing the legends down here, he immediately asked if I needed any help.  I said, Yeah, you're coaching me.  You have no choice.
He has helped a lot in my career.  Here also he's helped me to keep my fight on the ground and just basically believe in my tennis.  He always says that I'm good enough to do this.  Maybe I should listen more to him (smiling).

Q.  You only won two matches together in a challenger event.
ROBERT LINDSTEDT:  I thought we lost first round.  Budapest.

Q.  2004.
ROBERT LINDSTEDT:  We won two matches?

Q.  You won two matches.
ROBERT LINDSTEDT:  Well done (laughter).

Q.  But you never won an ATP match.
ROBERT LINDSTEDT:  No.  I mean, when you start playing with someone, it's not easy.  I mean, in Paris we played Horia and Max.  It's a tough team on the fast courts in Paris.  On Court2 I think it was.
Then we played Bob and Mike in Sydney.  It's matches any established team can lose.  It didn't really stress us.  We were just trying to get a feel for each other.  We really felt in those two matches, you know, we didn't do too many things wrong, and with a bit of work we could probably win one or two matches here in Melbourne.
Now it became a few more.  I just couldn't be happier.

Q.  People say that real men don't cry.
ROBERT LINDSTEDT:  Well then people are wrong, aren't they?
No, I mean, I'm a very emotional guy in both ways.  I get very angry on court.  It has taken the upper hand on me a few times.  So I have difficulty controlling emotion, but that's something that Jonas has been working with me also.
I really tried hard.  When it gets too much, it gets too much.  I just can't hold back.  It is what it is.

Q.  Robert, how will you celebrate your success?
ROBERT LINDSTEDT:  I don't think I should tell that, say that at all.
No, I think we're going to go and enjoy ourselves a little bit tonight.  Who wouldn't, huh?

Q.  Robert, Nicklas Kulti and Magnus Norman, they do a fabulous job in terms of tennis academy.  Is there a new wave of great Swedish talents among coaches and players?
ROBERT LINDSTEDT:  I think they're doing a great job.  It's Nicklas Kulti, Magnus Norman, Simon Aspelin, Mikael Tillström.  Peter Carlsson is also there.
It's a great initiative.  The expertise is there.  I think Swedish tennis now is working the way it should be.  They're using the former players that we have that actually know what it takes to become something, the sacrifices you have to make.  That hasn't been the story before.
We're in a pretty bad position right now, Swedish tennis.  So, like I say to all the reporters back home, of course I'm happy there are a few headlines about me, but I'd rather there be about singles players because that's what we need.
I think we are on the right way to guide the talents that we have.  We just need to make them understand how much hard work it is 'cause I don't think they still really grasp that.

Q.  Lukasz, did you miss any ball today?  Looked like you saw the ball as a melon today.
LUKASZ KUBOT:  Well, to be honest, I was really focused today.  Maybe I played the best match of my life in doubles.  Like you said, I didn't miss many balls; I didn't miss many returns.
I knew this is the fourth final for Robert.  This was my first.  To be honest, it is always tough to make first time.
But I'm actually more happy for Robert to win this title than for myself, because I know he's one of the most hard workers on tour, as he said.  I'm happy that in the end everything paid off right here with me in Australia.
To be honest, after losing match in Sydney when we had the Bryans to face, I was actually happy to play them the first round because I knew it was going to be the best test.
I think we lost this match of two points.  I know we have a good intensity and energy on the court.  I'm happy we used our weapons.  We used the experience from Robert's coach and my idol, Jonas Bjorkman.
So for me, was probably unforgettable two weeks which I'm going to use, I hope, in the near future.  For this moments we are living, working hard.  I want to thank you again, Robert, to pick me up from the draft.
I'm sorry to Jeremy Chardy, which I had to cancel.  I was supposed to play here but I had to cancel in the last moment.  Sorry, Jeremy, but I think I made the right decision.  I hope we can team up.  This is not the end.  We have great intensity.  We going to use the experience from our team, I hope.

Q.  You're going to keep playing together?
LUKASZ KUBOT:  Yes.  Well, I will ask Robert.
ROBERT LINDSTEDT:  Yes, we are going to continue playing (laughter).

Q.  You were the No.1 in Robert's draft?
LUKASZ KUBOT:  Yes.  Well, I don't know if I was the No.1, to be honest.  He also likes to choose, you know.  I don't know if I was the first or the second or the third.  I give him I think a very quick answer.  I was honest to Jeremy.  I cancel.  I'm happy that I did this decision.
Yeah, it's unbelievable moment.  I don't know what to say.  I have no words.  Let's see what's going to happen.

Q.¬† Why did you do your can‑can dance alone without Robert?
ROBERT LINDSTEDT:  I'm happy he did it alone (laughter).
LUKASZ KUBOT:  I saw Robert was a little bit tight in the end.  He was almost cramping.  I didn't want him to put the leg so high.
I had this agreement with my family.  I said, If I win this tournament, on the center court I will do it.  I think I did it.  It wasn't even embarrassing.
But, yeah, I was following my emotions and I'm very happy.  I have no words.  As also Robert, you can see, we gave all the energy these last two weeks.  We give it all.  We're looking forward for coming back to our countries and looking forward for another tournament.

Q.  You are so different than Lukasz.  How do you find the same language on the court?
ROBERT LINDSTEDT:  We speak German.  No, we do.

Q.  I'm talking about the tennis language.
ROBERT LINDSTEDT:  What do you mean?

Q.  You are very different in personality.
ROBERT LINDSTEDT:  I'm so warm, he's so cold (smiling)?
LUKASZ KUBOT:  It should be opposite.  He's from Sweden.  C'mon.
ROBERT LINDSTEDT:  There's no rule that says you have to be the same to be successful.  Opposites attract.  Well, that's a different story.
I don't know.  I mean, I think I can complement a little bit.  Lukasz has a great, positive energy.
LUKASZ KUBOT:  Thank you, Robert.
Which makes me feel better on the court.  If you look at teams around, I mean, there's not a lot of people that are exactly the same.  There's not any rule to this.  I mean, obviously it's worked pretty good these two weeks.
We're a testament that you don't have to be the same.

Q.  How did you find each other?  Why did you choose to play together?
ROBERT LINDSTEDT:  Well, no, I mean, Lukasz is a great player.  I asked him.  I was in a very bad situation.  I mean Jurgen is in a worse situation.  He was injured and he couldn't even come here.
But then when you have to start looking for guys, it's easier for me to look for doubles guys, but everybody is already taken.  Nobody is free.  So you have to go for the singles guys.
I mean, Lukasz was obviously a top choice for me.  We had a little bit of discussion.  I mean, even before you committed to Jeremy.  He asked me, Is Jurgen going to be fit or not?  We had the discussion.
When I got the confirmation from Jurgen that he's not going to come, I straightaway sent a message to Lukasz.  As a singles guys, he's one of the absolute best doubles guys out there, as a doubles guy, too.
It was the best option that I had.

Q.  Robert, how would you rate Lukasz as your partner compared to the previous guys?
ROBERT LINDSTEDT:  I mean, I've played with some really great players.  Last year I played with two great champions.  That didn't work out.  We didn't work out as a team with Zimonjic and Daniel Nestor as players.
They're amazing doubles players and they are obviously more accomplished than I or Lukasz.  I had a great time with Horia Tecau as well, but we have gelled these two weeks.
Hopefully we can build on that.  Lukasz is one of the absolute best that I ever played with.  I played with a lot of greats, but there are few guys that it has worked so well with for me as a team as with Lukasz.

Q.  Lukasz, I saw you walking around after the match.  What did you do?
LUKASZ KUBOT:  Well, I jumped to our box and then I was scared to jump down, to not get injured.  I had to run around.  That was just the reason.  I was just emotional.  I wanted to thank you, our team, for preparation for this tournament, for these finals.
Like I said in my box, my coach, Jan, which always believes in me, Jonas Bjorkman and Thomas Enqvist from the past, they give us a lot of positive thoughts which I think we used today.
Like I said, Jonas was my inspiration when I was young.  Always appreciate to watch him.  I'm happy that they enjoy our final with us.  That's it.

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