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January 25, 2014

Elizaveta Kulichkova


6‑2, 6‑1

THE MODERATOR:  Questions, please.

Q.  Congratulations.

Q.  Tell me how it feels to be a Grand Slam singles champion?
ELIZAVETA KULICHKOVA:  It feels really perfect.  I'm pretty happy about what I've done, and I think it's a great achievement for everyone, for every junior.
I was pretty sure I felt I can do that, but still, it's really, really great.

Q.  How were you feeling when the match started?  How do you feel the match unfolded?
ELIZAVETA KULICHKOVA:  I felt really good.  I didn't get nervous as I thought I will get.
I'm really happy about the way I played really.  It was probably the best match through all the week.
So it was a great final, I think.

Q.  So singles and doubles.  That's a pretty good week.
ELIZAVETA KULICHKOVA:  Yeah, yeah.  That's exactly what I was coming for, and I'm really happy about that.

Q.  You said on court, I'll be back next year in the seniors.
ELIZAVETA KULICHKOVA:  Yes, of course I will be.  I was even planning to try this year, but I didn't get into quallies unfortunately.  Next year I will be here.

Q.  So is this definitely your last junior tournament, do you think?
ELIZAVETA KULICHKOVA:  Yes, yes.  Hopefully.  (Laughter.)

Q.  How will you celebrate?  Do you have time to celebrate?
ELIZAVETA KULICHKOVA:  Unfortunately, no.  I have flight soon.  Maybe I will tomorrow.  Depends on if I have a match tomorrow in quallies on woman's tournament.
If I don't, if I get into main draw, probably I'll have some dinner or something.
But not really celebrating.

Q.  What does this do for your career to win here?  Does it help you going forward sort of from here?
ELIZAVETA KULICHKOVA:  Like I said, it's great for everyone.  It's a great experience to play on the Rod Laver Arena, and I think it will help me in the future, you know.
So it's good.

Q.  When you won, when people win junior Grand Slams, most of them jump up and down and get really excited.  You just sort of went, Yep, okay.
ELIZAVETA KULICHKOVA:  (Laughter.)  Like I said, I felt I'm going to do this.  I was pretty sure.  I was really confidence.  I was the girl who was expected to win.
I mean, I wouldn't be happy if I wouldn't win.  That's why I'm not jumping and stuff.

Q.  Did you have any nerves at all today?  Obviously you did it pretty quickly.  Did you feel any nerves?
ELIZAVETA KULICHKOVA:  Not much.  I'm surprised about that, because first couple of matches I was pretty nervous.  Like quarterfinals, semifinal I was less nervous, and today I went out on Rod Laver Arena and there were more people than I was expecting actually.
But I was surprised that I didn't feel any pressure.  I felt like I'm exactly where I should be.  I felt really good on court.  (Smiling.)

Q.  What is your immediate schedule for the next month or so?
ELIZAVETA KULICHKOVA:  I go to two 250s here in Australia, then I come back to Thailand where I stay now.  I prepare for probably one month, and then again pro tournaments.  Maybe again 50s India.
But before, if I get into quallies Qatar, Doha, I will try to go there if I do.  Because last year wasn't the tough quallies, but depends on each year.
So I'll see.

Q.  Do you have an idea of where you think you can get to ranking‑wise this year on the WTA?

Q.  You're already 260.
ELIZAVETA KULICHKOVA:  Yeah, I want to be around 100.  Somewhere around top 100 at the end of this year would be good, would be perfect.
But I don't hurry, you know.  I'll see how it goes.  I'm happy about how it goes now, so just I'll continue my work and I'll see what happens.

Q.  Could you explain the relationship with you and Samsung?
ELIZAVETA KULICHKOVA:  Yes, we have a tournament in Russia, under‑16.  It's just between Russian girls, eight best Russian girls under‑16.  Three first girls, we've got contracts for three years with like some prize money.  I won it when I was 16, like a little bit more than a year ago.
So I'm having it for I think two more years.  So it's like a sponsorship for me.  Yeah.

Q.  What is your goal as a tennis player to turn to the senior and your goal?
ELIZAVETA KULICHKOVA:  My goal?  To be No. 1.  and win seniors Grand Slam.  (Smiling.)

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