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January 25, 2014

Alexander Zverev


A. ZVEREV/S. Kozlov
6‑3, 6‑0

THE MODERATOR:  Questions, please.

Q.  What were the circumstances you were having to retire against Stefan at Wimbledon?
ALEXANDER ZVEREV:  What the circumstances was?

Q.  Yeah.
ALEXANDER ZVEREV:  I had an injured shoulder.  I didn't play for two weeks after that or something like that.
Yeah, I was up in that match as well.  I couldn't lift my arm anymore.

Q.  When did you injury it?
ALEXANDER ZVEREV:  I injured it in the second round at Wimbledon, but it was fine, and I only made it worse by playing.
I just couldn't handle the pain anymore and then I had to retire.

Q.  What does this title mean to you?
ALEXANDER ZVEREV:  It means a lot.  I been waiting for a Grand Slam victory for a long time.  I was finals in Paris; I was semis at the US Open.  Never could make it to a victory, but now I did.
I think I played a pretty solid and a pretty good match here.

Q.  You're already for a long time in Australia.  You played also a preparation tournament which you won.  How do you feel now?
ALEXANDER ZVEREV:  I feel pretty good.  I'm actually staying for two more weeks here now playing those two challengers.  I can't play the first one anymore in Tasmania because I can't make it to the quallies anymore.  I'll stay and play the one in Adelaide.
So, yeah, I'm really looking forward to it.

Q.  You also were in Brisbane?
ALEXANDER ZVEREV:  Yeah, yeah, I practiced in Brisbane; didn't get in there.  Then I went to Auckland and played quallies there and lost to Donald Young in the second round, and then I came here.
No, I went to Traralgon first and then came here.

Q.  How is your schedule for the next coming months and weeks?
ALEXANDER ZVEREV:  Challenger in Adelaide and go back to U.S., try to play Delray Beach, quallies; try to play Dallas challenger and then see what happens.

Q.  What will you do while you wait for Adelaide?
ALEXANDER ZVEREV:  Actually staying here for a couple days at the National Tennis Center.  The people were nice enough to say I can stay.
Yeah, I'm just going to prepare for the next week?

Q.  When does that start?
ALEXANDER ZVEREV:  For me I think it starts Saturday.  Saturday is the first round.

Q.  If you compare the junior and senior matches, what's the big difference between its two circuits?
ALEXANDER ZVEREV:  I don't even think there is a big difference between us and maybe someone who's 100, 150 in the world.  They're just way more confident on the court.  Sometimes we just have too much respect for them, which is of course ‑‑ there is a reason for that.
They're top 100 in the world and they already made it and we're just in the beginning of our tennis career.  So I mean, on a good day I think me and Stefan and of course some other guys can really play with them.

Q.  How was it playing in the Rod Laver Arena?  You were more nervous than normal?
ALEXANDER ZVEREV:  Yeah, in the first let's say two, three games I didn't win a point on his serve, I think.
Yeah, he wasn't really nervous I thought, but I was really nervous playing in such a big arena for the first time, especially Rod Laver Arena is something else.
Playing in a Grand Slam center court is just amazing.

Q.  Do you think you get rewarded because you win Grand Slam tournament maybe with wildcard, sponsors, or...
ALEXANDER ZVEREV:  I mean, I just walked off the court 20 minutes ago.  Nobody has talked to my about that yet.  (Smiling.)

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