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January 25, 2014

Stefan Kozlov


A. ZVEREV/S. Kozlov
6‑3, 6‑0

THE MODERATOR:  Questions, please.

Q.  You got hurt out there, huh?  Talk about what happened.
STEFAN KOZLOV:  I rolled my ankle twice in the past two days, each one.  I guess the trainers have been really, really good, because at first I think I could barely walk and then two seconds later I'm taking a pill and getting my ankle taped and I guess I'm more fine than before.
Just need some rest after.

Q.  Seemed like you were a little frustrated after that.  In the second set you couldn't move exactly the way you wanted to.
STEFAN KOZLOV:  Yeah, I was definitely a little scared, you know, a little bit of pain.  But, I mean, I needed to make points more aggressive because couldn't really run.  Both my ankles I rolled, so it was kind of tough.

Q.  You had beaten him a few times before.  Obviously must be disappointing not to do it today.
STEFAN KOZLOV:  Yeah, I think he played pretty well and I think the courts favor him here, really fast.  He played really well, so, yeah, just give him credit.

Q.  Was it the same ankle you rolled this time as previous?
STEFAN KOZLOV:  No.  I actually rolled another one this time, so...

Q.  Did you do the previous one during a match?
STEFAN KOZLOV:  Yeah, yesterday.  After the first set I rolled my right ankle; today I rolled my left ankle.

Q.  So coming out on the court today, was your right ankle bothering you or were you moving okay from the first ball?
STEFAN KOZLOV:  Well, it kind of really bothered me.  I had to ice it a lot last night and I had it taped really well.  During my match I didn't really feel it that much, but my movement was definitely a little hurt.

Q.  They don't think it's anything serious though?
STEFAN KOZLOV:  No, just both sprained.

Q.  Obviously disappointing today, but as a whole this week, how do you look at things?
STEFAN KOZLOV:  Well, I mean, I think everything just piled up on today.  I think I should have lost first round.  I was down match point; second round I was down a set and 3‑0.
Kind of all just fell on me today.  I guess I'm a little tired.  I played a lot of matches and only had one day off.
I'm not fully developed yet, but I guess it was all right.  I didn't play my best mentally, yeah.

Q.  I guess first couple rounds shows you're resilient, right, tough enough to get through that, which should be a positive, no?
STEFAN KOZLOV:  Yeah.  Yeah, I'm obviously very happy with the week.  I'm just a little tired and want to get home.

Q.  Talk about your goals the rest of the year and your schedule coming up.
STEFAN KOZLOV:  When I get back, it's probably some challengers and Delray probably.  It depends on my ankles.
After that, probably juniors slams, and then ATP the rest of the year.

Q.  What about school?  How do you manage that?  Do you do it online?
STEFAN KOZLOV:  Yeah, online schooling.

Q.  You're, what, a sophomore?  Junior?
STEFAN KOZLOV:  Sophomore.

Q.  Did you find that tough doing school with all the tennis?
STEFAN KOZLOV:  Yeah, it's pretty tough, but I don't really kill myself at school like other people.  I just manage a way, find a way.

Q.  So you're finding a way to pass?
STEFAN KOZLOV:  Yeah, finding a way to pass.

Q.  Now subjects you like?
STEFAN KOZLOV:  Not really.

Q.  What about the experience of playing on Rod Laver Arena today?
STEFAN KOZLOV:  It was really tough because, I don't know, it's definitely a lot different because like, I don't know, the ball, I don't know, it feels like there is a little bit‑‑ the ball is just slower through will the air.
I mean, my first four serves I hit on Rod Laver I shanked them into the ground.  I was like, This is ridiculous.  So the ball definitely goes up slower and overheads, they just stay in the air I guess because we're a little underground.
Yeah, it's tough.

Q.  You had that one good point against him where you returned four overheads and won that point.  You remember that?

Q.  Was that a first for you, returning four overheads?
STEFAN KOZLOV:  No.  I do that once a week.

Q.  No.  I guess (indiscernible) is hitting good overheads.
STEFAN KOZLOV:  Probably, yeah.

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