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January 26, 2014

Kristina Mladenovic

Daniel Nestor


6‑3, 6‑2

THE MODERATOR:  Questions, please.

Q.  Kristina, who has made you the best offer besides Daniel?
DANIEL NESTOR:  Honestly, I want to hear this.  I'll tell you who was asking.
KRISTINA MLADENOVIC:  Who is he asking?
DANIEL NESTOR:  Other people have been asking besides me.
KRISTINA MLADENOVIC:  It started with Robert Lindstedt.  He won yesterday the men's doubles.
At the beginning, I didn't know many men's doubles players on tour.  I don't know, French player present me to Robert.  I ask him once, I think last year before the French Open, if he wanted to play.  He was busy.  I just give up.
Then he told me that his partner, who was Danny at the time, was free.  Well, I was shy to ask Daniel if we would play.  A few days later he came and asked me.
It was in Madrid, right?
KRISTINA MLADENOVIC:  I was like, Yeah, of course we'll play.  For me it was a huge thing that Danny asked me for playing.  You know, I just forgot about playing mixed.  He came and asked me.
Yeah, but otherwise, now that we are starting to get good results, there are a few asking me when Danny is going to retire from tennis so I can have another partner (laughter).
DANIEL NESTOR:  Who are they, he wants to know.
KRISTINA MLADENOVIC:  Well, all the men's doubles specialists.  Was Robert, Kubot asked me, Qureshi.
DANIEL NESTOR:  They say when I retire or they just ask you?
KRISTINA MLADENOVIC:  I say, No, I play with Danny forever now.  They say, Okay, once he is going to stop.  They say, We hope it's going to be soon.
Pretty much all the teams we beat, they joke about Danny, wondering how long he's going to play.
DANIEL NESTOR:  Suarez is often asking.

Q.  How is he different than the other partners you've played with?
DANIEL NESTOR:  She never played with anyone.
KRISTINA MLADENOVIC:  Danny is the first and only partner for me.  I think it's tough to do better.

Q.  Daniel, court mic picked you up that maybe you were going to target a Grand Slam in the mixed doubles.  Were you joking?
DANIEL NESTOR:  Half joking.  I always tell my friends my best chance of winning Grand Slams nowadays are in mixed, so...  But obviously I'd still like to win men's doubles titles, too.
You know, I think I have a good partner in that, too.  I just think this is the best chance, but I'll keep playing both and hopefully good will come out of it.

Q.  Anything different about the way you played this Grand Slam compared to the other ones?  Any more cohesion?
DANIEL NESTOR:  Not really.  I think we learned from the loss we had the semifinals, we were maybe a little bit too safe, especially me.  Since then we've been aggressive.
Obviously, anytime you win, sometimes you get a little bit lucky, but the last few matches have been pretty convincing.  I think the first round was probably our toughest match.

Q.¬† It doesn't seem like you're serving velocity‑wise as hard as you were a couple years ago.¬† I noticed because you played on courts with radar guns.¬† Is that because you're not feeling it or because you're going for location or percentage?¬† You're getting it done anyways.
DANIEL NESTOR:  There's days I feel better than others, obviously.  I mean, there's times where I hit a kick serve, which is obviously more effective against the women than it is against the men, if that's what you men.
Other than that, regular first serve, I'm trying to hit it the same.

Q.  Any particular strategy against them compared to the other teams?
DANIEL NESTOR:¬† I mean, yeah, for sure.¬† We know Sania has a big forehand.¬† Try to keep it away from having her comfortable in that rally of going cross‑court.
Horia is a very good player, very solid player.  But there's things he doesn't like to do as well.  I think we did a good job of returning his serve, putting some pressure on him.  Maybe he lost a little bit of confidence.  He probably didn't return as well as he normally does today.
I mean, I think the way we've been playing, there isn't that much to change.  Especially this tournament, we've been in control most of the matches, so...  Not that much needed to be done.

Q.  Do you know that he says that you're not afraid to return the men's serve?
DANIEL NESTOR:  I said she's very good at returning the men's serve.  I'm sure a lot of girls aren't afraid to do it.  Whether they're able to do it is another story.
KRISTINA MLADENOVIC:  The first thing is not to be afraid of returning men's serve because obviously it's going really fast.  Sometimes it's heavy on the racquet, so you have not to be scared, first of all.
And the second thing is that I like the challenge.  I like the fact to just go for it and try to return the men's serve.  They just get crazy when the return is back or even a winner.
Yeah, it's a good challenge.  I like it.  That's maybe the reason why I try to put as many returns in as possible.

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