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January 25, 2014

Paula Creamer


Q.  A lot of things happened today, didn't they?
PAULA CREAMER:  Many things today, yes.  That's an understatement.  I had a couple bad iron swings out there today.  Obviously the tee shot on the one hole.  But I just didn't play well from there.  You can hit it in the hazard all day and still make a bogey.  There was no need to make a triple.
But these greens, they're just really drying out, and my speed wasn't as good.  I had a couple three‑putts.  But overall I'm proud of the way I finished with my attitude.  I was unfortunate with the triple, but even at the beginning, three‑putting, this par‑3, just kept on plugging away.  It was a roller coaster.

Q.  On the third shot on 15 after the drop, was your mind just not there on that‑‑
PAULA CREAMER:  No, I don't think we really committed to our target.  I think we could have gone a lot farther left than what we did.  I was on a pretty big upslope thinking it was going to hook, but I still think we were trying to cut it too close down the right side.  In hindsight, yeah, I probably would have backed off and said what do you think.  But I was a little bit too far right, and I got unlucky in the face of the lip, and I think I hit a pretty good shot into the green.  It landed in between like sprinklers or something and stopped super fast.  Putting down that slope in that area was just so bumpy.  It shouldn't have been a three‑putt by any means, but it was, and eight shots right there.

Q.  What was the yardage, and what did you hit in here?
PAULA CREAMER:  To this one?  I think we had 209 pin.  It was around 200 front, and I just hit a little 5‑wood, tried to just kind of chase it up there.  I really couldn't even see.  That's the first time Colin has lined me up all week, and I asked him, hey‑‑ the sun was just so bad, and I said, can you line me up.

Q.  So you couldn't tell how close it was?
PAULA CREAMER:  Oh, no, I had no idea where it even left my‑‑ I hit it pretty good, where I wanted on the club face, but I never saw it land or anything.

Q.  Did you pay attention to the leaderboard and how much fluctuation was‑‑
PAULA CREAMER:  Never.  I looked at it on 16 green, and that was the first time I looked at one all week.  At that point I just knew I had these two holes left.  17 is always a good par, but coming into the par‑5, I just kind of wanted to know at that point.  I thought enough time has gone by where I can see where I stand.

Q.  It's a good‑looking leaderboard.
PAULA CREAMER:  Yeah, it is, I know.  I briefly saw it when we walked off, but it'll be a good day tomorrow.

Q.  You went from the second page of the land to the next‑to‑the‑last group.
PAULA CREAMER:  Is it next‑to‑the‑last group?  Okay.

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