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January 25, 2014

Alejandro Canizares


ALEJANDRO CANIZARES:テつ It was great, one of those days you feel great.テつ Yesterday when I was practicing after the round, I felt great.テつ My swing kind of went on the groove, and this morning warming up, it was good, the same, and the putter was hot today.テつ I made some good putts.テつ I left myself a few, but, you know, when you're playing good and you're leaving a lot of chances, that's what happens.テつ You're not going to make everything.
And that one on the last, I thought‑‑ I was picturing myself, almost fooling myself.テつ I was thinking I need to make this putt to make a cut almost.テつ It was a good try, lipped‑out for eagle.テつ But I tried and I'm satisfied with the way I played and I'm pleased yesterday I didn't focus with the flu.テつ I'm so happy to be playing again good.

Q.テつ You do sound like you're suffering and that does affect your game at times?
ALEJANDRO CANIZARES:テつ I caught a cold and it's been affecting me the last three days, but sometimes you play better when you're not feeling that well.テつ Yesterday was a bad day, but for being a bad day, 1‑over was all right, and today, I thought when I was‑‑ I kept it going, I thought, come on, get to 8‑under, get to 8‑under, but one short.テつ But totally satisfied, very happy and I think my game is getting there, and I'm very excited for this season.

Q.テつ You've seen the signs of progress right at the start of this year, you've seen it moving in the right direction?
ALEJANDRO CANIZARES:テつ Well, you know, I took a month off after last year, and at the end of the year, I was playing one of my best golf.テつ I started a little rusty last week but I got on the groove again this week.テつ I think I'm playing better.テつ I've just got to keep my mind focused and keep my mind calm on the golf course, and let good things happen and expect good things to happen.

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