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January 25, 2014

Rafa Cabrera Bello


RAFA CABRERA‑BELLO:テつ Well, obviously, a bitter taste now because I just missed the playoff by one shot.テつ Felt I played good today but just a couple guys played a little bit better.テつ Lots of credit to Sergio and Mikko, they came both from a couple‑‑ two or three shots back, I think, and they must have played excellent golf.テつテつ It wasn't as windy as yesterday, but the pins were definitely tricky, so shooting 6‑ and 7‑under par, those are very good rounds.
I am happy with my performance obviously.テつ Second tournament I've played this year, second of five, and pretty much contending, really up to the last hole.テつ So can't ask much more to myself.テつ I just hopefully‑‑ last week I said I didn't want to fall two shots short.テつ Okay, I'll say it, next week, I don't want to fall one shot short.

Q.テつ I presume you fancied your chance right to the final hole, getting on in two?
RAFA CABRERA‑BELLO:テつ Yes, I knew the tee was up and I knew the wind was helping a bit, so I knew if I hit the fairway, I was going to be playing a mid‑iron to the green.テつ Unfortunately I didn't manage to miss it‑‑ to hit the fairway.テつ I only just missed the second cut by a couple inches, which was a bit difficult.テつ Took a risky play, 5‑wood out of the long grass.テつ Came out good but had obviously no control.テつ Just gave it a last try with the chip shot.テつ It had a pretty good lie to be fair but ended up a couple feet short.

Q.テつ Excitement ahead of Dubai where you've won before and always seem to enjoy playing there?
RAFA CABRERA‑BELLO:テつ Yes, I enjoy playing in this part of the world a lot.テつ A lot of excitement, 25th anniversary of Dubai Desert Classic, one of the key‑‑ definitely one of the tournaments you want to win.テつ Luckily I've done that, but I don't know, just I know my game is in very good shape.テつ So hopefully I'll be coming up the last hole again, but this time I won't fall one shot short.

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