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January 25, 2014

Thomas Aiken


Q.テつ Your thoughts on the week, because that's a lovely, tidy final round.
THOMAS AIKEN:テつ Yeah, all in all, it was a good week.テつ Obviously a little bit disappointed from today.テつ Good positive was there was no bogeys, but unfortunately just didn't make the putts that I needed to in the day and ended up two short;
But hats off to Sergio, he had an unbelievable round today, and Mikko sunk a really nice putt on the last to get into a playoff.
So just unfortunately wasn't my week, but I can take a lot of positives out of it.

Q.テつ You felt there were plenty of opportunities still on that final day?
THOMAS AIKEN:テつ Yeah, I mean, I had‑‑ I had good chances at 9 and 10 for birdie.テつ And I didn't make those.テつ And there were a couple others, but the pins were tough today, and you know, when you are a couple of shots back with a few holes to go, you try and push it a bit and to get to those flags is not easy, so you can make a few errors if you do, and I made one on 17, but luckily had a good up‑and‑down.
But just unfortunately it wasn't my day today, and you live on and you move on to the next week, and hopefully there are a few more good ones coming up.

Q.テつ It does all bode well, because Durban was promising; this even more so?
THOMAS AIKEN:テつ Yeah, I'm playing nicely and putting myself in good positions, so I can't complain.テつ You just have to wait for your time and when the time is right, it will happen.テつ Just keep practicing and playing good golf and hopefully get a couple of wins this year.

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