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January 24, 2014

Thorbjorn Olesen


THORBJテν彝N OLESEN:テつ I haven't been up there in while, so it's nice to be there now.テつ I played really well last week and this week.テつ Holed a lot of putts and that makes it easier and from tee‑to‑green, I've been good.テつ Abu Dhabi I played good all four days but didn't really get anything out of it
It's really nice to be in this position

Q.テつ Despite the wind picking up, you are feeling a reward?
THORBJテν彝N OLESEN:テつ Yeah, it was the same.テつ Didn't have any wind the first couple of days.テつ I think on this course, needs to be a little bit windy and when you're playing well, it makes it okay to play.テつ I enjoy it and hopefully we get a bit of breeze tomorrow.

Q.テつ You said we haven't seen you in a little while.テつ What's changed?
THORBJテν彝N OLESEN:テつ I struggled a bit in the middle of the season and end of the year last year.テつ I had a couple of injuries and I didn't really take that break.テつ I just carried on playing.テつ But I'm feeling about and my body feels strong and working hard.テつ The last couple of weeks we worked hard on the swing and changed quite a bit and it feels good, it feels very comfortable over the ball.

Q.テつ And it's nice when that competitive spirit comes back, as well.
THORBJテν彝N OLESEN: テつYeah, definitely.テつ You know, I've not been up in a long time, but I've been up there a lot of times.テつ Hopefully I can play great golf tomorrow and be consistent.

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