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January 24, 2014

Paul Lawrie


Q.テつ I presume that you are a satisfied map after a day like that in slightly windier conditions?
PAUL LAWRIE:テつ Reasonably.テつ I played really good today tee‑to‑green.テつ Hit a lot of good shots and missed a lot of shot out there on the greens but tough to get the ball close to the hole today obviously because it's windier and the greens are a bit firmer.テつ But overall, probably deserved a bit less.

Q.テつ We certainly expect the winds in Qatar, are they markedly different to previous days?
PAUL LAWRIE:テつ Yeah, much windier today and the pins are kind of tucked a little bit more than they have been.テつ So a combination of the greens drying out and it's kind of a wee bit kind of tougher.

Q.テつ Conscious of your position on the leaderboard?
PAUL LAWRIE:テつ Yeah, I'm a leaderboard watcher.テつ I knew what was going on.テつ I was surprised when I looked up and saw Rafa where he was.テつ Thought he would be a wee bit less out there but it's tough to make birdies and get the ball close.テつ Tomorrow we'll see what happens.

Q.テつ We've seen a round of 64, the anomaly; nobody can reach that otherwise.
PAUL LAWRIE:テつ That's a great score, it so much tits than it's been, so 64 any golf course is a good effort.

Q.テつ Are you feeling much more at one with your game?
PAUL LAWRIE:テつ Yeah, tee‑to‑green today was very, very good, as good as I can play.テつ I've only missed one fairway, I hit 16 greens yesterday, 17 today, so if I can play the same way tomorrow and hole a few putts, I can have a good day.

Q.テつ What's the news from Turkey?
PAUL LAWRIE:テつ Yeah, Craig, his first event, he shot 79, 81, two big scores.テつ It's not easy.テつ I spoke to him and he's fine about it and he's hitting balls again today.テつ It's going to take a bit of time, we knew that, it's a big step up from what he was doing and we knew that, and he's a kid that works hard on his game and he'll get better.

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