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January 24, 2014

George Coetzee


Q.テつ I'm sure it's a stupid question, but how important were those two birdies to close?
GEORGE COETZEE:テつ Yeah, I guess that's very important.テつ I couldn't find the cup today.テつ But felt my putting was okay after the first five or six or seven holes, it wasn't too good.テつ But once I made the putt on nine, I started putting a little better.テつ It's very important to get those two to stay in contention.

Q.テつ Sounds like it's been a deeply frustrating day.
GEORGE COETZEE:テつ I think only maybe once or twice I felt like this, it's driving me up the wall.テつ But I told myself, the best way to get over it is to wait for it and luckily it came just in time.

Q.テつ Am I right that the wind as much as anything is to blame?
GEORGE COETZEE:テつ No, no.テつ It was more of a rhythm.テつ I felt I hit the ball much better today than both the first two days.テつ I think I just put too much pressure on my putting.

Q.テつ Have you stolen a look at that leaderboard, it's so congested, you're in a lovely position.
GEORGE COETZEE:テつ Yeah, I think me and Rafa missed an opportunity today, because if we had just pushed each other a bit, we could have pulled away.テつ Don't want to play too early.

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