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January 23, 2014

George Coetzee


Q.テつ George, it wasn't the smoothest first few holes today, how did you recover from that?
GEORGE COETZEE:テつ Just told myself, make some putts, and luckily I did.テつ Yeah, I felt quite good.テつ I just had a bit of‑‑ my 11th hole, my second hole, otherwise I played pretty nicely.テつ There were some bogeys out there but definitely some birdies, too.

Q.テつ Is your temperament suited to that kind of thing?テつ Do you not react overly to something going wrong?
GEORGE COETZEE:テつ No, I don't really care to react too much.テつ But things like that happen.テつ That's part of the process.テつ You just have to accept it and try to do better from there.

Q.テつ You're one of many South African players playing well here; is that simply because of playing on your own tour during the winter months?
GEORGE COETZEE:テつ Well, yeah, I guess most of us probably took Christmas off and didn't touch any golf clubs, but we are all eager to play.テつ We've all spent our time in the sun at home on the beaches, so we are all quite happy and enjoying life.

Q.テつ You were happy last year leading this tournament at one point halfway through and came very close.テつ Do you feel the tournament owes you something?
GEORGE COETZEE:テつ No, I enjoy this place, so obviously I'll be trying to do one better than last year, and just keep doing what I'm doing and make some putts.

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