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January 23, 2014

Johan Carlsson


Q.テつ Terrific position?
JOHAN CARLSSON:テつ Well, of course I'm happy, I got the putter going, same as last week, the last round where I shot 7‑under as well.テつ Always helps when you get the putter going.テつ When you get the putter going, everything seems so much easier.

Q.テつ That was a wonderful finish in Abu Dhabi, wasn't it?
JOHAN CARLSSON:テつ Yeah, I got it going there.テつ I think I shot 8‑under my last 11 holes.テつ I had pretty long putts in the end that I made, and today finished with three straight birdies, and I think I have six birdies on the back nine.テつ So makes things easier for sure.

Q.テつ I'm sure it's common sense, but does it breed confidence when you've had a season like you did on The Challenge Tour last year, then come out so strong in the first event?
JOHAN CARLSSON:テつ Well, yeah, of course.テつ Since I had the first tournament, I was seventh, and obviously that brings a little bit of a calm to keep going, and it's just I haven't missed a cut in quite a long time, even on The Challenge Tour.
So I'm focusing on the right things, I think, because in the beginning, you start missing cuts, it's easy to just think about that.テつ Now when I play, I just let it just flow, you know.テつ So I'm looking up instead of down.

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