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January 23, 2014

Rafa Cabrera Bello


Q.  13‑under around this great golf course, how does that sound?
RAFA CABRERA‑BELLO:  Well, it sounds‑‑ I don't think 13 is an unlucky number for around this course.  I'm really happy, really pleased, and everything's going good.  I'm enjoying myself.

Q.  Now, you're a desert specialist, you've won over there in Dubai, you like it here, you played nicely last week; is it like home?  Is it like Spain?
RAFA CABRERA‑BELLO:  Well, I mean, it definitely feels like home.  I like playing in short sleeves a lot, I like a little bit of breeze, I like seeing palm trees, I like seeing sun around the courses.  It does remind me a lot from the Canaries, and it's kind of like, I start playing at the end of the year here, and I don't feel that I've left home, so that's why I enjoy it so much.

Q.  What's the plan tomorrow?  What do you do?  You go to the gym this afternoon, definitely, won't you?
RAFA CABRERA‑BELLO:  Yes, yes, I do my normal routine, and tomorrow is just a new day, we start from scratch, play one shot at a time and just go out there and keep enjoying myself.  I've been doing it for this week and last week a lot, so just enjoy the opportunity of being up there, being in contention, that every shot mattered and just savour that and try to perform as good as I know I can.

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