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January 23, 2014

Brittany Lang


Q. ¬†We are here after the first round of play with Brittany Lang.¬† Congratulations, a great 4‑under par round today.¬† What was really working well for you today?
BRITTANY LANG:¬† Yeah, it was a good day.¬† I was a little bit nervous, first round of the year, after not playing in a tournament for so long, but I had a great off‑season.¬† I wasn't swinging super aggressive early on and had a couple loose shots, birdied my third hole today, which was 12, and then I hit it in the water on 13 because I just wasn't swinging aggressively.¬† But after that I made double on 13, but after that it was just great shots, super focused, rolling it great, swinging more aggressively and just played super solid.¬† I'm very happy it being the first round of the year.

Q.¬† Short off‑season for everyone but particularly short for you getting ready for your wedding a couple weeks ago.¬† Take us through that.¬† What's it like coming off one of the greatest moments of your life?
BRITTANY LANG:¬† It was.¬† It was the best day of my life.¬† I mean, it was perfection.¬† It was a fairy‑tale.¬† I had my family from all over, all my friends, Kevin's family, obviously my immediate family.¬† It was a very special day, and I'm so thankful we had it.¬† I couldn't be happier.

Q.¬† I heard Kevin played in the pro‑am yesterday.¬† How did he fare out there?
BRITTANY LANG:  Kevin did great.  He played really well.  He had his music on, smoking his cigars, having a good time.  He played with Natalie's husband, Katherine Hull's husband and Dean from Pure Silk, so I know they had a good time.  If you play with Kevin and don't have a good time, you have a problem because he's just a blast.

Q.  I can totally understand that one from hanging out with him watching you play.  I just saw you got a little good luck charm from a fan.  Talk about that.
BRITTANY LANG:  I didn't catch her name, but she gave me a little good luck seashell.  She had a cute little pink outfit on with a pink flamingo shirt.  She was adorable.  She gave me a good luck seashell.  Somebody put it in the bag, and it's going to be an awesome week with this.

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