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January 22, 2014

Dawie Van Der Walt


Q.テつ Super round today, you had a really good start last week and then things went awry over the next few days, was there a bit of anger coming in today?
DAWIE VAN DER WALT:テつ Yeah, certainly, I had a terrible week and looked like a blind squirrel; I couldn't do anything right.テつ Although my game didn't feel too bad, so playing well today, I'm not too surprised.

Q.テつ What's happened since your win in South Africa the end of the year, have you become a different kind of player since then?
DAWIE VAN DER WALT:テつ I mean, I like‑‑ I don't like to think of it that way.テつ I just do what I do, treat every tournament, you know, the same way, and you know, just learn from my mistakes and try to become better every day.

Q.テつ Talking about mistakes, it looks as if looking at the scoring computer today, the players who were on the back nine first who managed to get through the back nine without any bogeys or mistakes were the ones who are doing well.テつ Was it significant on the back nine today, the hard holes?
DAWIE VAN DER WALT:テつ I mean, if you drive it well, it's not too hard but I think the back nine is almost easier except for about two holes.テつ So I thought, you know, when I played the back nine under par, I thought I can‑‑ you know, if I just play solid on the front, I'll have a score under par but I think the front nine is almost harder.

Q.テつ Okay.テつ What's your plan now to avoid what happened last week?
DAWIE VAN DER WALT:テつ You know, just try and birdie every hole like I did today.テつ I played solid and I forgot about last week, so just keep the same mind‑set and do the same things.

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