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January 22, 2014

Nacho Elvira


Q.テつ Super start, and we've seen you get better week‑by‑week this season, but that's a really big leap today to get that score in?
NACHO ELVIRA:テつ I know, yeah.テつ Today was a wonderful day.テつ All of a sudden, everything clicked. I was hitting every fairway pretty much.テつ I missed one green.テつ I hit 17 greens today, and hitting them pretty close, and you know, when everything clicks, everything seems to be a little easy, but it's a great round, very happy.

Q.テつ Your first full season, do you find yourself assessing yourself week‑by‑week to see where you're going in the game?
NACHO ELVIRA:テつ I mean, this is my fifth tournament on The European Tour.テつ I still have too much to learn.テつ I see the guys that have been here for years, and they are a little bit ahead still of me, and I mean, I'm happy to learn week‑by‑week, and let's see how this weekend up and learning every week.

Q.テつ We can hear a Spanish‑American accent, where does that come from?
NACHO ELVIRA:テつ I come from Texas.テつ I lived there 5 1/2 years.テつ I went to college to Texas A&M and I guess that's where it comes from.

Q.テつ And you feel right at home on the Tour, especially after that score; how are you going to keep things under control the next three rounds?
NACHO ELVIRA:テつ I think it's a clichテδゥ but stay in the moment, go shot by shot and stick to my routine on every shot, and, you know, stay in the present.テつ That's pretty much what I try to do.

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