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January 22, 2014

Francois Calmels


Q.テつ Please tell me how good a round this is at the start of 2014?
FRANCOIS CALMELS:テつ Very good.テつ You know last week, Abu Dhabi, missed by two but playing quite good.テつ Struggling with my driver, so I work on that during the weekend.テつ And very happy because it works.テつ You know, it was, I hit six or seven fairways today but not so far from the fairway.テつ So it's very much easier to make a good shot on the green after, and so I didn't lose point on driving, which is perfect.
Of course, I made 6‑under, everything was great, chipping was great, so very nice.

Q.テつ I take it that you like Qatar and coming to this part of the world?
FRANCOIS CALMELS:テつ You know, it's a nice spot.テつ In winter in Paris, not good to play golf, so we are very lucky to play here, and I try to enjoy and have fun.

Q.テつ We've seen you obviously on The European Tour in the past, but having come through such a successful time on The Challenge Tour, are you revitalised and looking forward to this whole of the season that much more?
FRANCOIS CALMELS:テつ When I was on The European Tour, you know, the problem is I had Challenge Tour category, which was not as good as The Challenge Tour right now, you know.テつ Right now, I can play this tournament; before, it was not possible, and before I played well at the beginning, so I have to go back on Challenge Tour very quickly.
This year, I can do full European Tour season, very happy about that.テつ And so I'm going to try to play very good.

Q.テつ So it's easier to plan and make a schedule, as well?
FRANCOIS CALMELS:テつ First of all, it's easier to play, and for sure, we can plan, take the flight earlier, hotel and things like that, and the caddie, he helps a lot.

Q.テつ Do you feel you are a better player coming out again?
FRANCOIS CALMELS:テつ Yeah, better player.テつ Struggling in some compartment of my game but it's better, yeah.

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