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January 21, 2014

Chris Wood


PAUL SYMES:テつ Thanks for joining us, you must be looking forward to this week for quite some time
CHRIS WOOD:テつ Yeah, the year goes pretty quickly on Tour.テつ Coming back here, well, straightaway, as soon as I arrived, it's great memories, and obviously my first win on The European Tour is always going to be special to me, and Qatar is going to always be up there adds one of my favorite events.
PAUL SYMES:テつ And I guess the approach last year, that's got to rank pretty high in the finest shots of your career.
CHRIS WOOD:テつ Yeah, I've been asked to recreate them this afternoon but I think we could be out there a while.テつ Yeah, I don't think I'll hit three better shots than that, under the circumstances.テつ For me to beat probably beat that would be to hit three shots like that to win an Open or something like that.テつ There's a lot more pressure on I think winning your first event on The European Tour than probably winning your second.
So, yeah, that will always stick with me.
PAUL SYMES:テつ And the course here, what challenges does it present?
CHRIS WOOD:テつ Well, I think the greens are the toughest part of this week, so they got quite strong grain in, and I know a few players that struggle to get used to that.テつ So that's the toughest part.テつ Obviously the wind can blow here, as well, and well a little bit more unlike Abu Dhabi and Dubai.テつ So between those two things, that's the key thing to try and master to do well this week.

Q.テつ Have you been out yet to play?
CHRIS WOOD:テつ No, not yet.テつ I'll obviously be playing later.テつ But I'm looking forward to walking down that hole again.テつ I actually had a Tweet from someone about three months ago, they played a MENA Tour event, one of the Middle East tours, and the guy Tweeted me to say he hit driver and a 6‑iron and holed the putt to eagle the last to win here like I did.テつ Yeah, it's not as hard as it seems apparently (laughter).

Q.テつ Who was it?
CHRIS WOOD:テつ It was a guy called Steve Surrey from down my way.テつ I know him a little bit.

Q.テつ When you look back on those four days last week, apart from the 18th, what did you do well over the four days?
CHRIS WOOD:テつ Well, I had a good Saturday.テつ I think that was the toughest day.テつ The wind was the strongest.テつ I can't remember what I shot, maybe 66, something like that, which clearly was the best score of the day, because I got into a three‑shot lead from being probably two or three behind starting the day.
So I think having‑‑ it was actually a Friday, wasn't it, but having a good third round was what set me up into winning the tournament.

Q.テつ I look at the World Ranking, you're just outside of sort of qualifying for the Match Play, and I guess that must be on the horizons, that sort of goal?
CHRIS WOOD:テつ Yeah, absolutely.テつ It's sort of No Man's Land around 70th in the world really.テつ Yeah, it doesn't make any difference to you whatsoever; whereas someone 20 places higher than you, which isn't a lot, is getting into absolutely everything.
So, yeah, obviously I'm looking to get into those events and I played a couple of times, played last year.テつ But I'm more worried about sort of long‑term stuff really.
That's what I'm working towards.テつ I'm not worried if I get into it in a couple weeks' time or whatever. テつAs long as I feel like I'm on the right track, I'll be in there for years to come and not just the odd one‑off.
PAUL SYMES:テつ Thanks a lot and have a great week.

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