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January 19, 2014

Pablo Larrazabal


Q.テつ Your thoughts on winning the championship?
PABLO LARRAZテδ。AL:テつ Unbelievable.テつ I've been working so hard for the last two years and this winter.テつ They always say that the hard work pays off, but it's hard to believe it, and you know, today has been very special, to fight against Rory and Phil, Top‑5 in the world, both of them.テつ It's been a great fight and I want to thank so many people.
First of all, my big sponsor, Callaway, that they set up the best driver I could ever hit, the Big Bertha Alpha.テつ Maybe I'm hitting it 20 metres longer now and a lot straighter, so that makes a lot of difference in this kind of golf course.
And then all my team.テつ They all know who they are and they all know how much I work for it, and you know, working in New Year's and working in Christmas, always keeping going, and then to my family, I thank them for keep supporting me and keep pushing hard to let it happen.

Q.テつ You don't do the easy things; you win the big ones:テつ You win Paris, you win Munich, you win Abu Dhabi.
PABLO LARRAZテδ。AL:テつ I win when I can and I win when I have a chance to win, and thanks to all my team and my family that I did it here.

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