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January 18, 2014

James Driscoll


Q.  I want to talk to somebody that's human.  I've been out there with Patrick Reed, 27 under par, I mean the courses are not that easy.  Come on, really?
JAMES DRISCOLL:  No, the weather's been great and the greens are really good, so if you're hot, obviously you can put those numbers up.  He seems to be pretty much the only hot one out here.  I mean all the rest of us are playing solid, but that's a different level what he's doing.

Q.  You got off to a tough start today, bogeyed two holes and then shot a 66, you got to be pretty happy with the way you finished.
JAMES DRISCOLL:  Yeah, no question.  Not how you want to start out, making two bogeys when everyone else is making birdies.  I was kind of bummed, but you turned it around and it turned into a pretty good day overall.

Q.  Early in the year that's maybe a tribute to being a little fresh and a fresh brain because who knows through the dog days of summer, who knows where your brain is at that point.
JAMES DRISCOLL:  Yeah, you never know.  It's a crazy game.  I mean day in and day out you never know what's going to happen, so you just try to go in with a good attitude and hope for the best and that's kind of what happened today.

Q.  Go out there tomorrow, shoot a 59 and see where it puts you.
JAMES DRISCOLL:  Yeah, I might need it.

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