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January 18, 2014

Brendon Todd


DOUG MILNE:¬† We would like to welcome Brendon Todd to the interview room.¬† 4‑under 68 at La Quinta in the third round of the Humana Challenge.¬† That said, just a couple comments about the round and then we'll take a few questions.
BRENDON TODD:  Yeah, another perfect day out there weather wise.  Conditions were good at La Quinta.  I got to have to a slow start, just made all pars therefore the first six or so holes on the back.
Par on the par‑5s kind of hurt and then picked up a birdie there on 17 with about a 20‑footer.¬† And then birdied 4, with a 2‑putt.¬† Or no, yeah, 4 I made a birdie there with a 15‑footer.
2‑putted 5 for birdie and got out from the bunker on 6 for birdie.¬† And that was it.¬† Didn't really make any putts.
DOUG MILNE:  Questions?

Q.  How do you approach this situation where a guy's 27 under par?  How do you play tomorrow?  What do you do?  It's like hopeless, isn't it?
BRENDON TODD:¬† Not really.¬† He's obviously playing really, really well, but if you go out there, I mean I shot 9‑under there yesterday, if you go out there with the same mentality, trying to play as well as you can, you get hot early, put a little pressure on him, there's plenty of opportunities for him to make bogey.¬† So that's the goal.

Q.  I apologize for not knowing this, but how many times have you played here and/or at Pebble and how do you cope with the additional distractions of having amateurs with you?  Do you enjoy that part of it and obviously you played well this week.
BRENDON TODD:¬† Yeah, I played three AT&T's, this is my second Humana Challenge.¬† I really like the pro‑am format.¬† You always meet good people.¬† And it just kind of seems to play into my hands.
I think the courses tee to green are generally setup moderately, not overly difficult, and that tends to favor my game, because I can go out there and put up a 4‑ or 5‑under on most of those golf courses.
And then I think playing with a TOUR amateur gives you a little bit more time to relax in between shots and not feel like you're running around there trying to make sure you're keeping up with the group ahead of you and watching two other pros play.

Q.¬† Have you had anything unusual‑‑ has there been anything unusual that's happened with an amateur player?¬† You know either amusing or not?
BRENDON TODD:¬† I played with Josh Duhamel last year, him and Oliver Hudson at AT&T.¬† That was a lot of fun.¬† They signed more autographs of 50 year‑old women than I even knew existed.

Q.  Than you did?
BRENDON TODD:  Than I did for sure.  So, that was pretty fun.  I loved playing with them.
But aside from that, it just kind of depends on the caliber of player who your amateur partner is, whether they're good or bad, you go out there and make the best of it and play your game.  Most of them stay out of your way and let you focus on your score.

Q.¬† You shot a 4‑under and you still are now seven back.¬† I mean, what's your mindset saying, hey, you had a pretty good round and still it just seems like it may not be enough.
BRENDON TODD:¬† Right.¬† Obviously, Patrick's played awesome.¬† I mean shooting three 63s is outstanding.¬† I don't know if it's ever been done on this TOUR.¬† Three nine‑unders in one tournament.¬† So he's played way better than the rest of us.¬† And my round today was honestly pretty average.¬† So I'm in the spot I'm in and go out tomorrow and try to play a little better.

Q.  And what is the mindset going into tomorrow?  What do you need to do just to play your game?
BRENDON TODD:¬† I actually need to stay relaxed and just keep going through my routine every hole, trying to give myself a lot of birdie chances.¬† That's what I've done the first three days.¬† You don't have to fire at every flag.¬† If you have a 5‑iron in your hand you're probably not hitting it to a foot.¬† So just get it on the green, give your self a putt, the greens are really good, you should be able to make some putts.
DOUG MILNE:  Well Brendon, thanks for your time, we appreciate it as always.
BRENDON TODD:  You got it.

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