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January 18, 2014

Patrick Reed


Q.  We talked the first day, 63, we're talking today, stuck on 63, that's a pretty cool number to be stuck on the PGA TOUR?
PATRICK REED:  You know, it is.  Any tournament you go into where you shoot one 63, you're happy, but to do it three days in a row is something special.
Hopefully we can carry it on to tomorrow.

Q.  What I'm seeing from you is that you're just taking every putt as a putt.  You're trying to make everything you look at, your just in a comfortable zone right now and having fun out there?
PATRICK REED:  Yeah, after the first day when I saw I was putting with the confidence I had before the first day‑‑ I just, when putts started going in, I was like, all right, go with your first read and stick to that.  It's worked and I'll stick with that tomorrow and hopefully we'll walk away with a W.

Q.  Making that bogey back at number 4 or 5 today, did you say anything to yourself there?  Was it like I guess I'm human maybe?
PATRICK REED:  I snap hooked the tee shot, but the number we had it was a three quarter 9‑iron and I hit it right at the flag.  I was yelling at it, be right, because I thought it was going to fall right on top.  And it ended up going long and you're dead back there.
To walk off with five on that I wasn't too disappointed, of course you would like to make the par.  I would like to have made the par putt, but I was more disappointed about 2 missing about a 4‑footer for birdie, so that's about it.

Q.  Keep it going, you're having a great time out there I'm going to enjoy watching it tomorrow?
PATRICK REED:  Thanks, appreciate it.

Q.  Three straight days of 63s.  I got to ask you, is this the best golf you've ever played in your career?
PATRICK REED:  Yeah, it's the most consistent golf I've ever played too.  To hit the ball how I've been hitting it I feel like I could hit my tee shots a little better but my iron game is great and I'm seeing the lines and my speed's great, I'm putting really well:

Q.  We were here after the second round and you wanted that 10‑under.  Is tomorrow the day that you get that elusive 10‑under?
PATRICK REED:  We'll see.  Really I'm just going to focus on tonight, resting up, focusing on tomorrow, I'll just take the warm‑up first and then after that we'll take a hole by hole and see what happens.

Q.  You earned your card back here in the desert, and I just talked to your wife.  It was a special year, you're married now, you have her here, how much, how important is it to have her here and how much does that mean to you?
PATRICK REED:  It's huge.  To, just down the street here in PGA West, to go and get my TOUR card there, and then to come out here and have a chance to win going into Sunday, it's a special moment.  Especially with my wife here, especially with the little baby on the way.  So it would be huge to walk away with a W, but I can't control tomorrow yet, so really we're just going to focus on today, resting up, like I said, and hopefully play a good round tomorrow.

Q.  You're looking to become the second wire‑to‑wire winner here in 55 years, what would that mean to you to win here, especially given that it's in the desert?
PATRICK REED:  It would mean a lot.  A W is a W.  To go wire‑to‑wire means obviously I'm playing great all week.  But I can't get ahead of myself, I have to take it hour by hour and see what happens.

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