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January 17, 2014

Danny Willett


Q.テつ Tell me how you've managed to achieve this when you were 5‑over par through ten on the first day?
DANNY WILLETT:テつ To be honest I've not done a massive amount different.テつ Yesterday was a bit on and off, played pretty good but you miss a fairway by two or three yards and you get a bad line and you've got no way to get to some of these greens.テつテつ Played nice, hit a little closer and hit a few more fairways and rolled a few putts in.テつ Holed a wedge from 50 yards on 8 which helps.テつ It's just been in the last 20‑odd holes have been pretty good.

Q.テつ Most people looking at the course this year wouldn't have thought that would be possible.
DANNY WILLETT:テつ Neither did I on Tuesday or Monday.テつ It's always a strange one, first event out, golf course is one of the tightest we play, and rough is up, but the greens are as pure as we get them.テつ Was saying to my caddie, yesterday afternoon, played good‑‑ all of a sudden you can make many birdies when you don't think there's many out there and luckily today kind of took off and carried on all the way around.

Q.テつ I think you had a Top‑10 finish the very first time you played here.
DANNY WILLETT:テつ Yeah, finished Top‑5 to get into this from Joburg, and then to get into next week and that was five or six years ago.テつ That was my best result and only missed five fairways that week.テつ Kind of tells you what you need to do around here.テつ It's a ball‑striker's course, and so the better you can hit it, makes it easy.
Just a crazy first ten holes, but nothing really went our way, and then stuck in and around it, and things turned.テつ I just said to the guys over there, hit for fairways today but the fractions you missed weren't that much, just drew a bad lie and you can't get to the green if you draw a bad lie.
Played really good to holed out a lot better today.

Q.テつ What are you thinking, what are you feeling as you're making eagles and birdies on a golf course that's testing?
DANNY WILLETT:テつ I don't know, because you play Monday, Tuesday, and the rough is a little bit thicker than it usually is but the greens are a little bit softer which evens it out a little bit.
But playing with Craig, regardless of what I was doing‑‑ it was quite good to play with him and he was working his way up the leaderboard.テつ So almost try to forget and try and chase him down really.

Q.テつ Any changes in the equipment?
DANNY WILLETT:テつ No, stayed with Callaway.テつ Obviously new equipment and got new irons in, but same company.

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