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January 17, 2014

Henrik Stenson


HENRIK STENSON:テつテつ The real problem for me this week was that I didn't make any birdies on the par fives.テつ The scoring on the rest of the holes is not too bad.テつ I'm 2‑over and likely to miss the cut by a shot or two.テつ I don't know which way to look at it other than that.
My preparations were a little bit on the short side, I said that earlier and the rough is extremely thick and you can't really play any shots out of the rough.テつ It just gives way, and any time you're missing the fairway, it's a big struggle to make par.
My striking wasn't good enough to keep it on the short stuff enough.テつ It's a tough course to hit a lot of fairways, because you're coming across on the angles on most of them so for me it might not be ideal.テつ I'm more of a straight‑baller when I play well, and here it seems like you want to try and shape it into the holes a lot more than I do.
So it's a tough one to hit a lot of fairways for me I feel, and I just didn't do that and from the rough this week, you're not making too many birdies, I know that much.

Q.テつ But you do feel it's one short, so preparations for Qatar now?
HENRIK STENSON:テつ Yeah, I mean, all these three weeks, I'm just trying to move on and looking forward to getting some good practise in, and in terms of having days off, I think it was six months ago, I had a day that where it wasn't planned, so maybe I can look at it from the bright side and have a day off.テつ I haven't had too many of those lately.
So some practise tomorrow and then just chill on Sunday I think before heading over to Doha.

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