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January 17, 2014

Sergio Garcia


Q.テつ What you needed after yesterday?
SERGIO GARCIA:テつ Yeah, obviously very tough day yesterday.テつ Today, even though the shoulder was still a little tight, being able to hit more fairways kind of helped, not having to hit so many times out of this brutal rough.テつ We'll see, hopefully; I saw some nice things today that I pretty much didn't see yesterday.テつ Hopefully I can keep building on that throughout the weekend and for next week.

Q.テつ How much treatment did you have on it last night?
SERGIO GARCIA:テつ Well, yesterday afternoon when we finished, I probably had 30, 40 minutes.テつ Then obviously went back to the hotel and iced it a little bit, put some creme, took some anti‑inflammatories and stuff.
It didn't feel great yesterday at the hotel.テつ This morning, after resting it through the night and then putting some anti‑inflammatory creme and stuff, it felt a little bit better.テつ But I could still feel it was a little bit on the tight side.テつ But you know, they worked on it this morning again, and it seems like it's getting a little bit better slowly.

Q.テつ Unusual start to the morning, as well.テつ Can you just talk us through what happened there?
SERGIO GARCIA:テつ Yeah, very, very unusual.テつ First of all, I was heading to breakfast and I knocked to Carlos, my manager's room, and he said, "I need to talk to you for a minute."テつ I said, okay.テつ He said, "What happened on 18?"
I said, "Well, I don't know, I hit it in the right rough, laid up, I hit a good shot, and then missed my birdie putt."
He said, well, you know, John Paramor called this morning and said that there was a video that said that if I push down a spike mark or something like that.テつ And when I saw it, I couldn't really believe it, because I remember‑‑ I mean, we were the second group off to start with, and you know, the greens were absolutely perfect.テつ And you know, cheating is something that I would definitely never do.テつ It's the one thing that I would never do.
So I talked to John and I said, you know, I'm pretty sure that it was a pitchmark that I repaired.テつ I think the confusion was that I repaired it and then Martin was going to putt, so I backed away to let him putt.テつ And then what you can see in the video is him putting, hitting it to tap it in and I'm tapping the pitchmark down and, I think that's where everybody got confused.
And obviously I went with John this morning to the green to the exact spot where my ball was, we looked at the video and we knew exactly where it was.テつ We looked at it and obviously you could see the ball mark there where it's supposed to be.テつ So it was nothing else other than that.
It does feel‑‑ it does feel quite bad to be related to that word, though, to the word cheating, when you have no proof and when I've never, ever cheated in my whole life.テつ And I've put myself plenty of penalty strokes when nobody saw it and I did.
It felt‑‑ it hurt a little bit, I guess there's some people that just like to do things like that, but you know, it's something that I will never do.

Q.テつ Is the process wrong?
SERGIO GARCIA:テつ No, I think the people is wrong.テつ I think the people that say that without having any proof, that's what's wrong.テつ I mean, if you can really tell, you can really see that it's wrong, that someone has cheated, it's fine, but if you have no proof at all and you're just guessing what happened.

Q.テつ Is it quite scary from your point of view, that people can draw on those conclusions‑‑
SERGIO GARCIA:テつ Unfortunately it is, and like I said before, being related to that word is the most disgusting thing that can happen to someone, and someone like me that has never, ever cheated.テつ So it was a little bit disappointing, but you know, it was good to clear up with John Paramor, and he was relieved and that's why I was able to play today.

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