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January 16, 2014

Matt Every


Q.  Solid 65 today, got things going with a bang.  It was sort of those you didn't know if you could get off of 5‑under for awhile there.  After the eagle start.  But you finished strong at least.
MATT EVERY:  Yeah, I know, it was fun.  Missed a few short ones in the middle of the round, but just a good day.  I didn't drive it that great, but my irons are really good right now.

Q.  It felt like you were kind of battling a little bit off the tee to try to get it out there.  But to get around at 7‑under, fighting the driver a little bit today, you have to be happy with that going to the range?
MATT EVERY:  Yeah, I mean it's not every day you have your good stuff and I didn't have it off the tee today, but it was nice to kind of get a lot out of the round.  So maybe I'll straighten it out in the next few days and it will be better.

Q.  Tell me the shot on 16.  Did you think it went in?  The kick in eagle on the par‑5?
MATT EVERY:  No, I knew it didn't.  We could see it.  I didn't know it was ‑‑ when I got up to the green, that's when I was like, wow, how did that miss, because it was like two inches right behind the hole.
But I'm not complaining.  It was good.

Q.  Wind picked up in the middle of the round today, did it feel like it kind of changed the dynamic of what you expected this day to be in terms of being able to go out there and take advantage of scoring conditions?
MATT EVERY:  No, this is like my fifth day with the flu, so I just wanted to get through today, to tell you the truth.
So I wasn't‑‑ I didn't really care about the conditions, I just didn't want to shoot myself out of the tournament, because I felt pretty crappy today.
Hopefully I'm on the back end of it, so I'll be better.

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