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January 16, 2014

Jeev Milkha Singh


JEEV MILKHA SINGH:テつ I think the practise last week at Jumeirah Golf Estates helped for sure.テつ I didn't touch a club for 20 days because of my injury.テつ I think the short game was really good today.テつ Putting, chipping, could I have improved on my driving but overall I'm happy with a 69.

Q.テつ Give us an update on the injury.テつ Last year only six cuts made in 23 tournaments.テつ What's the status now?
JEEV MILKHA SINGH:テつ I'm still struggling with the injury.テつ It's a rotator cuff injury.テつ I'm on strong medication and I'm taking anti‑inflammatories.テつ I take six pills a day and I'm trying to last out for these three weeks and hopefully if the inflammation comes down and I can hold out for three weeks, then I have a long time off after that.
Otherwise, I have to go in for an injection, which I'm not fond of that and I'm trying to ignore that.テつ So I'm hoping that these medicines which I'm taking help me out and get me through these three weeks.

Q.テつ How good a start is that?
JEEV MILKHA SINGH:テつ We'll take that.テつ After the year I had last year, I'm feeling pretty good with my game.テつ I took 20 days off and then I came early to Dubai last week.テつ I practised at Jumeirah Golf Estates and that really helped.テつ I worked a lot on my short game and that helped me today on the golf course.

Q.テつ How is the shoulder?
JEEV MILKHA SINGH:テつ Shoulder is not too good.テつ But I'm on strong medication.テつ I'm taking six anti‑inflammatories every day, so hopefully I can last out for these three weeks and hopefully after that I can take a break and try to sort it out.

Q.テつ Is that the key, just trying to manage things?
JEEV MILKHA SINGH:テつ Yes, right now that's the key to manage things, and I'm feeling pretty good with my game and hopefully, you know, build some confidence these three weeks and then take it from there.

Q.テつ You mentioned last year, we've kind of missed you and you have not been at your best of standards for a little while?
JEEV MILKHA SINGH:テつ Yes, once you get injured, then the confidence level goes down and then starts playing on your mind but I'm feeling very good with my game right now.テつ And I just want to keep the pain away and then I can make a free swing at it.テつ If I keep doing that, then I'm moving in the right direction.

Q.テつ Is there a sense that it's new year, new aims, new resolutions, just try to do things a little differently?
JEEV MILKHA SINGH:テつ Yes, it's a new year.テつ End of the year, I found when I was doing wrong, because with the injury, I was trying to make some changes in the swing but I think I'm on the right track now and I think I'm going to move in the right direction now.

Q.テつ We always ask about your father's film.テつ I gather that's getting lots of plaudits at home?
JEEV MILKHA SINGH: テつYeah, we are a very fortunate family in that the movie was made when the person was still living and it's been received very well in our country.テつ He's got the buzz and I think it's given him another five years.

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