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January 16, 2014

Joost Luiten


Q.テつ What was the strength of your game today, round of 4‑under par?
JOOST LUITEN:テつ Fairways and greens.テつ That's all you have to do on this course.テつ If you hit the fairway, you can give yourself a good birdie chance, but if you're going to miss them, you're going to make bogeys.

Q.テつ Third last week, how valuable was it to play last week coming to a course as difficult as this?
JOOST LUITEN:テつ I always like that.テつ I like to get a rhythm.テつ I know that I'm normally better in the second week that I play in a row, and especially on a course like this, you have to be on top of your game, or else you're going to struggle.

Q.テつ You're currently 51st in the World Ranking, and we know you have The Ryder Cup bid, to get into the Top‑50 to establish yourself.
JOOST LUITEN:テつ Yeah, there are so many good tournaments, big ones, as well, and you just need one good week and you can fly up the ranking.テつ I'm not really looking at the World Ranking; I'm just trying to play well and if I play well, I'll go up the rankings.

Q.テつ How good is 4‑under par here?テつ I take it very satisfying.
JOOST LUITEN:テつ No, happy.テつ It's a very tough course, and basically anything under par is good, and 4‑under is a very good score.

Q.テつ Did you feel the benefit as we thought you might, playing Durban last week?
JOOST LUITEN:テつ Yeah, I always like to play a little bit to get in a rhythm, and playing well there, as well, and luckily I take that form into this week.

Q.テつ Different kind of courses; I take it this one has developed the last few years, as well.
JOOST LUITEN:テつ Yeah, totally different but the end of the day you have to hit the fairways.テつ You hit the fairways, you're going to give yourself some birdie chances.テつ And the greens are great, you can make some putts out there, so just have to stay on the fairway and take it from there.

Q.テつ Do you have indications of what a winning score might be.テつ We were thinking 12‑under, compared to 24‑under of the past.
JOOST LUITEN:テつ It's tough to tell because the wind is picking up in the afternoon, so I think you can say a little bit more after this day is completed, but I think that if you can get it up to like 14‑, 15‑under, it's a good chance of winning.

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