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January 15, 2014

Gary Player

Nancy Scranton

Bo Van Pelt


Q.  (No microphone.)
BO VAN PELT:  Thanks for having me out again this year.  It's exciting to be back at the Humana Challenge.  Get my year started off in 2014.  For me it's an honor to represent the rest of the guys out here on the PGA TOUR and to say thanks to the Humana people for their support of the Humana Challenge.  The Clinton Foundation, the Desert Classic Charities, it's pretty exciting to be part of a company that this is what they believe in.
Humana believes in better health and how it can improve all of our lives and they're really trying to spread that message and it's exciting that they have chosen this golf tournament to help spread that message.  I think it's exciting.  I'm a sports fan, I've gone to lots of games and different events over my whole life and to me this really is the healthiest sporting event I've ever seen.  When you look at the education, the pedometer, the fact that the charity miles not only challenges the spectators to go out and get moving, but also the aspect where they have given back to a charity of your choice.  Who else is doing that?
So my hat's off to the people here at Humana Challenge for just thinking outside the box and continuing to push the limits.  I encourage everybody to spread the word and get everybody out here that's out in the Valley.  It's going to be great weather.  We appreciate La Quinta, the host, and we're looking forward to the rest of the week.  So, thanks again for coming out.
NANCY SCRANTON:  First of all, I want to thank everybody here and Humana for having me here again.  It's very unique here.  Not only are the athletes, the golfers, the ones getting exercise, but so is the gallery.  Not too many places, other sporting events, other than getting up from your seat to get a hot dog or something, that's not a great way to stay in shape.
But, it's really an honor for me to be associated with Humana.  And I think that we all can do a little bit to improve our health and well being and it's not that hard.  You don't have to go to the gym.  If you want to go to the gym for a couple hours a day, that's great.  Most of us in our daily lives can't do that.  But, you make little choices, you make small changes to your life‑style and it doesn't become a work out, it doesn't become something you have to do, it is your life‑style.
And the older I get, the more I realize it's important because I want to keep doing all these things.  I want to be able to walk, I want to be able to play golf, I want to play tennis, I want to do all those things.  And just little healthy steps, ordering something better and then you realize I really wanted those french fries, but you get what, the vegetables, you think that was great, I enjoyed that and I feel better now.  And those are just the things that I do.  You try to make the small choices and it really makes a big difference.
So I just hope you all enjoy yourselves and it's great weather and the beautiful golf courses here and have fun and stay fit.
MARK STEVENS:  And so now to our final speaker this afternoon.  Gary Player has been a Humana well‑being ambassador for one year.  This month marks the beginning of our relationship with him and ever since, the answer has always been yes when it comes to promoting well being, promoting good health, diet, exercise.  I don't have to tell you, you all know it.  Gary not only lives it, but has lived it throughout the 60 years of his professional golfing career.  The only man ever to win all four Majors on both the PGA TOUR and the Champions Tour, Gary Player.
GARY PLAYER:  Ladies and gentlemen, I would just like to say first of all, thank you very much for you folks coming out here and being with us here today.  Now 63 years ago my brother at 17 years of age went to war.  At 17 years of age.  To fight with the British and the Americans.  In fact he joined the American Fifth Division.  And when he left he said you know I my not come back.  He said what do you love to do?  Because he loved his younger brother, which was me, which was a great thrill.  And he says what do you want to do?  And I said I want to be a professional athlete.  And he said, well what do you want to do?  And I said, well I don't know at this stage.  And he said, well, you better, since you're small in stature, you got to get stronger and you got to get fitter.
And he bought me sort of secondhand weights.  And he made me promise that I would exercise for the rest of my life, which I've adhered to.  And it's not easy.  It's never easy to miss your workout.  Before coming here today I went to the gym.  Before coming here I went to the hotel gym and did 1,300 crunches with a 50 pound weight on my chest.  I ran on the treadmill and I did my exercises religiously, and that's the greatest thing you can do.  How do you ever explain to anybody about health until you lose it?
The most cherished thing you have in your life is your health and your life.  And it's surprisingly enough that very few people worry about health or about exercise.  Diets are something I'll come to in a minute, but I've been fortunate enough to have traveled more miles than any human being alive, 60 years of constant travel, 25 million kilometers around the world.  I met all these or most of these leading scientists on diet and exercise and it's been fascinating listening to them and their different ideas.
And I met a man in India who stood out most of all the people I've ever met.  He must have been six foot one and he was, I think 92 years of age, and he looked like he was 40.  And I said to him, sir, what is the secret to longevity?  When you have 22 grandchildren like we have, of course you got to win the tournament to break even the way they eat.  They all eat like it's last supper.  And also six children, you want to live a long time, because the greatest thing that exists in this world is love.  And that's what you get from them, and the fact, in fact abundance of love from them.  And I said what is the secret to longevity?  And he says you got to be happy.  And only you yourself can make you happy.  At least 30 percent of people suffer from depression.  So you got to make yourself happy.  He said you got to rest well, and he said, Mr.Player, the most important thing, the less you eat, the longer you live.  And this is the conclusion I've come to traveling around the world with people with their different answers.
You know, when you think of Humana, they're an incredible company.  Of all the contracts I have, and I have many, I must say, it gives me the biggest thrill to represent them.  Because they represent what I really and truly believe in, and that is health, wellness, and above all, saving lives.  These people save lives, they change lives, and you don't have to have all these different diets you read about.  You get so confused.  You don't have to go on these crazy diets, you just got to eat less and eat more green and eat more vegetables and salad.
And don't go to bed on a full stomach at night.  Because that's the way, you don't put your car in the garage at night, you don't put gas in the car at night.  You put it in the morning.  And that's the same as your body.  You don't want to do that.
Walking.  It's so simple for you folks to do.  Just walk.  Walking, you see if you look at the pros‑‑ I never seen any pros dying of a heart attack at that.  And I've been a pro as I say for 60 years.  But heart failure is a massive industry in this country.  25 million Americans have diabetes.  And in 50 years time, the way we're going, unless we find something better than insulin, there will be a hundred million Americans with diabetes.  And when you get diabetes, you're life's ruined.
My son's a type I.  He puts a needle in himself five times a day and regulates his life.  I beg of you, if you know anybody that's overweight, beg them, beg them, to not eat a lot at night and go to bed with not a lot of food in your stomach.  But walking is something that you can do in many fashions.  You can go for a normal walk if you're very old.  If you're a little bit younger you can do a walk with bigger strides, which loosens your hips and keeps your ‑‑ this is what you got to keep strong here (Indicating) because that's what you know most people in this country when they get over 50.  They haven't seen their private parts in the last five years.  They have got their stomach out here and they never will see them again.  So and then there's another way of walking and that's lifting your legs up.  That's a more strenuous way of doing it.  And then the last thing is, if you don't like walking, get a damn dog, because a dog is fantastic and you have to walk it or otherwise it poops all over your house.  So you have to take it for a walk.
So, but, I would like to appeal to the professionals and I'm sure Bo is a wonderful young man, I would like to appeal to Bo and all the young players here, to bring the top players to this tournament.  Because this is, without a question‑‑ look, we all like to win the Majors, but there's no tournament with a significance of this tournament.  To save lives.  And we, as professional golfers, we make a lot of money, we're really blessed to have golf, a sport, where you have longevity, which very few sports have today.  So we have an obligation to society.  And therefore, we have to make a point of getting the pros to come along and I appeal to them to come along and support this tournament to the hilt.  Because we want to be known as athletes that contribute to society, we got to raise the bar.  And by athletes coming along it will make a massive difference at this tournament.
One in every two men get cancer.  One in every three women get cancer.  The number of people that have heart attacks, the number is phenomenally high.  And the diabetes.  So stop the talk and start your walk.  It's so easy to do.  Make a start.
And above all, with all this money, we went yesterday to the opening of this event, and President Clinton, who is a great man‑‑ this man is dynamic and has done more post‑presidency than anybody else has in the history of all presidents of this country.  He is raising billions, billions of dollars and getting into Africa and getting into Asia.  He is a man who is really doing a phenomenal job.  And he ended up his speech yesterday and he said, we have got to get people to do it themselves.  We got to go to the youth, Winston Churchill my great hero said, the youth of a nation are the trustees of posterity.  We have got to put our efforts into the youth.  With all this hundreds of billions of dollars you're raising in America, it's getting worse.  It's a like a tsunami.  The children of today health related are not living as long as we lived, it's a medical fact.
And to me that is sad.  With all the technology and with all the money you have, so that's not the answer.  The answer is to get people to do something.  And it's got to come from the parents.  If your child is fat, he's going to get diabetes unless you're lucky and God helps you.  When he gets diabetes he will be suffering for the rest of his life and so will you.  So we have got to get it in the schools, we got to get schools ‑‑ and I've said it all along, we have got to get schools, we have got to send it along to Senators and Congressmen on Capitol Hill, we have got to appeal to them to increase exercise in schools.
In South Africa, where I went to, you don't have a single school in America that can compare to the school I went to.  You had swimming, you had track, you had football, you had tennis, you had golf, you had debating, you had gymnasium, every single day.  When you played sports, that everybody participated at different levels.  And when you played a football match against another school, the whole school was there to support you.  You had to stand up when a teacher came in the classroom.  This is what you've got to try to different.  You've got to get it in the schools.
America, the greatest country in the world, there's not a comparison with any other country in the world, you're rated in the Top‑20 in education.  You should be No. 1.  So we have got to strive through the young people and get the schools to get the kids to exercise.  That is so important.  But above all, the parents have got to play a vital role and we have got to get the kids to do it.
So, please join me and the Humana team, they're a phenomenal team and the best company that I've ever ever been associated with.  Never met so many people that are so genuine and have incentives for me, traveling so far and getting frequent flier miles and all that.  You can get your frequent fliers for this company by incentives and go along to the supermarkets and buy things, because you're on their point basis.  So keep walking, nice to see you.

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