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January 15, 2014

Keegan Bradley


Q.  I don't want to push it, but do you think that kind of jump started where it all began and where it is now?
KEEGAN BRADLEY:  Yeah, I am a little sick.  But definitely it was the start of it.

Q.  That was the year.
KEEGAN BRADLEY:  Yeah, it was.  I had a‑‑ this was probably the biggest tournament maybe of my career here, just to get off to a good start.  I got high up on the reshuffle and kind of setup my whole year.

Q.  I know that you're battling some sort of a cold or whatever now, did you just fly across the country?
KEEGAN BRADLEY:  I did.  Yeah.

Q.  It's a killer.
KEEGAN BRADLEY:  Yeah, I got a little sick yesterday, but I'm feeling much better today and hopefully better tomorrow.

Q.  How does that affect you though?  When you're going to practice and things like that.  Does it set you back at all or do you just push through?
KEEGAN BRADLEY:  Yeah, it does set you back a little bit, but you got to listen to your body, and I rested up yesterday and I'm feeling a lot better today and hopefully again I'll feel even better tomorrow.

Q.  And what's it going to take to win this tournament?  You've been here before, you know how it goes?
KEEGAN BRADLEY:  You just got to be in the mindset of making a hundred birdies.  You got to go out and make a birdie every hole.
I try to play pretty conservatively off the tee and to make no mistakes out here.  Because you got so many birdie holes.  I don't like to take a lot of chances.  You got to make a ton of putts.  So I'm looking forward to getting out there.

Q.  Hopes and dreams of the season?
KEEGAN BRADLEY:  Hopes are to win as many times as possible, been most of all focusing on the Majors so I can contend there and try to win one of those.

Q.  Have you made any changes with your swing or your game lately?
KEEGAN BRADLEY:  Yeah, I actually have switched coaches.  I'm working with Chuck Cook now.  So we made a few minor changes in my swing and I look forward to testing them out this week.

Q.  Is there anything that you plan on doing differently this week as opposed to prior weeks?
KEEGAN BRADLEY:  This week, it's a little different in that you're playing with amateurs and it's going to be long rounds.  So you try to pace yourself and rest up as much as you can.

Q.  Are there a lot of nerves since this is the first tournament of your season?
KEEGAN BRADLEY:  A little bit.  Yeah.  I think every tournament you're a little nervous.  But this is a pretty relaxed event.  It's a good one to start at.  Perfect weather, courses aren't demanding, so you can get away with some bad shots, I guess you could say.

Q.  I know you want to be there on Sunday, but how are you going to keep up with the New England Patriots that starts at 12?
KEEGAN BRADLEY:  Wow, does it start at 12?  That's a bummer.  Yeah.  The fans do a really good job of kind of letting me know throughout the day.  I'll send a tweet out before I play to shout out the scores to me as I go around.  People will do a good job doing that.

Q.  I'll put that out on our Twitter as well.
KEEGAN BRADLEY:  That's a bummer though.  I was hoping that it was going to be like a later game.

Q.  We're the early game and I say we, because we're in this together.
KEEGAN BRADLEY:  That's a huge one.

Q.  Can you talk about what the swing changes are?  Or are they that small?
KEEGAN BRADLEY:  Trying to get more on plane and trying to be more consistent as a player and with my swing I'm trying to be on plane as much as I can.  And that's going to help my ball flight and my consistency out here.

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