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August 13, 2005

Greg Owen


Q. You said you'd treat every tournaments like it's exactly the same. It's a very crowded leaderboard going into Sunday at a major, do you say the same thing now?

GREG OWEN: Yeah, I have to. Yeah, I'm playing well still. I've left a lot of putts out there again and it's frustrating me, but I've got to learn from that. I've got to hit better putts. That's all it comes down to.

I played it well today. I handled it well today. I got a little frustrated towards the end, but I still kept hitting the shots. And I made a good five at last just to keep me in there and battling for tomorrow.

Q. How does the course test composure?

GREG OWEN: You've got to hit every fairway. If you don't hit the fairways, you're struggling. I mean, you have to be patient, some of the flags were tucked on the front corners today, so it's hard to get close to them. The greens are firming up. You've just got to stay there and pick your shots every time and hit them. Otherwise, you're going to be scrambling a lot today.

Q. What do you make of a 63 on a day like today?

GREG OWEN: Impressive. Very impressive.

You've just got to get hot on the greens. I think if I would have holed putts from probably the distance that Thomas holed them, I'd probably have a chance. You know, he's the one that's done it and it's an impressive score and good luck to him tomorrow.

Q. How tenuous is a lead with the conditions the way they are right now going into tomorrow?

GREG OWEN: I don't know what tenuous means, so

Q. How shaky?

GREG OWEN: I mean, the course is tough. You have to play well. Phil has dropped a couple today and he's one of best players in the world, so it is tough. And it's a major, so you have to hit the fairways and you play from there, and if you play from there, then you'll have a chance.

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