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January 13, 2014

Chad Little

Robin Pemberton


MATT HUMPHREY:テつ We're joined by NASCAR vice president of competition and racing development Robin Pemberton, and then we are also joined by NASCAR managing director for the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series Chad Little.テつ Chad, if you can start us off today with what you've seen so far from testing and what you're looking for going forward.
CHAD LITTLE:テつ Comments are positive so far.テつ I think the drivers don't feel a lot of difference, if any, between the two models, and they shouldn't until we get to further in the week and some other tracks.テつ Good comments, a lot of single car runs, a little drafting.テつ We'll see more drafting in the afternoon.テつ So we're concentrating on some of the new items with the new body and making sure that they're all in line and consistent with where we need to be for speed and time and cooling, and so far I think we're on track.テつ So we'll listen to what the teams are saying when they come in and continue to do so into the afternoon.
MATT HUMPHREY:テつ Robin, your thoughts so far?
ROBIN PEMBERTON:テつ Yeah, it's about the same.テつ I think we've had a good test down here with all three series, the Sprint Cup Series was a nice long day but a good test; Nationwide Series had obviously the best overall test plans and timing; and the trucks, it looks like everybody came down prepared, and it's good to see.テつ It's been a while since we've had all three series testing here, and it's nice to know the guys still know how to do it and do it correctly.テつ So it's been good for us.

Q.テつ What criteria will you use maybe this weekend or going forward in judging how the new truck is running or if you want to make any improvements to it?
CHAD LITTLE:テつ We'll start by looking at the times and comparing those times to last year's speeds, and driver and team feedback.テつ There was a lot of changes, as you know, to that truck, so we'll rely on the teams a lot and what they're telling us what they get on the track.テつ Suspension starts moving and we start seeing what kind of speeds they're running.テつ Mainly it's the speeds on track, the cooling of the motor and so on.

Q.テつ When you say speeds, are you looking for an increase or a decrease?
CHAD LITTLE:テつ I would say not necessarily either an increase or a decrease, just making sure everything is in line so that the kind of rpm we're running, kind of temperatures the engine sees, and what kind of speeds we run, all of that kind of correlates together.テつ If we saw too much speed or too much temperature then we'd have to make an adjustment.

Q.テつ Chad, the rear bumper with the step in it seems to be one of the more brand identifiable features to the truck.テつ Do you see that having any impact on the racing, whether that be any kind of bump drafting or even aero?
CHAD LITTLE:テつ I don't think so.テつ There's some common elements on the rear tailgate, and then some identity or some team elements around the rear tailgate.テつ But I don't think so, no.テつ I think that kind of‑‑ the rear bumper, where it's common is the areas the teams have to watch, and that's the same for everyone.テつ So I don't think we'll‑‑ as long as they can have that hatch to open up in the back, they'll be all right.
MATT HUMPHREY:テつ Gentlemen, thank you very much for your time, and we'll look forward to the rest of the test.

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