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January 12, 2014

Padraig Harrington


Q.  What's your verdict on a nice finish to this championship?
P√ĀDRAIG HARRINGTON:¬† There were a lot of misses this week.¬† Missed a lot of short putts through the week.¬† You add it back up‑‑ maybe things would have been different, I left a lot of shots out there every day.¬† I don't know if anybody else‑‑ I just struggled a bit on the greens.
It's nice to be close in the end of the day and it was a nice feeling to be pushing there.  I hit a really nice tee shot off 18, birdied 17.  There was a lot of good signs there at the end.  So like the end of last year, happy with how I'm hitting the golf ball but distraught how I'm putting.

Q.  That is your best finish on The European Tour since Durban last year.
P√ĀDRAIG HARRINGTON:¬† Wherever I finish‑‑

Q.¬† Wherever you finish‑‑ you finished fourth then and a 68 to close?
P√ĀDRAIG HARRINGTON:¬† I'm going to finish better to fourth today‑‑ I'm already fourth.¬† I don't know where I'm going to finish.
As I said, it was nice to feel like I had a chance coming down the stretch, and that's always a nice place to be.¬† I liked the way I hit it down the middle most of the day, which was nice.¬† I got a few nice breaks, there's no doubt about it out there.¬† I hit a wedge out of the rough on 11 and that went stone dead and any time you hit into the rough, it's a big break, so certainly missed maybe five putts, five, six feet, sort of range and 3‑putted 13 at a bad time.
So it's nice to play well and we just keep ticking along and hopefully, as I said, hopefully returns.

Q.¬† Closing well‑‑
P√ĀDRAIG HARRINGTON:¬† No doubt about it, I hit some good putts at times, as well, out there.¬† Yeah, I really hit the bunker shot at the last and I felt like ‑‑ I'm disappointed I missed the putt but I'm not disappointed I hit the bunker shot eight feet by for sure.
Hit a lovely tee shot, but as I said, there was a chance there to get to 11‑under, maybe 11‑under would be good enough.¬† I kind of had that feeling coming home that there was too many guys doing well.¬† You weren't going to get away with 9‑ or 10‑under par.¬† There's too many guys under par.¬† Somebody is going to finish well because 14 and 18‑‑ 15, 16, 17 and 18 are downwind but 14 and 18 are very ease he birdies.

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