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January 12, 2014

Tommy Fleetwood


TOMMY FLEETWOOD:  I feel disappointed now even though I said I had no expectations at the start of the week.  You can't have everything, can you.  But today was actually the best effort off the tee all week.  Hit it great off the tee and it was just a shame that the rest of the game kind of let me down really.  After the second, I had a really long putt on the second and putter just went cold.  I couldn't get the ball in the hole.  Tried to the end but just wasn't to be.  4‑under today was a great round for Louis.

Q.  You still felt you had a chance into the back nine, especially the way the wind was today?
TOMMY FLEETWOOD:  Obviously wasn't going my way, and I said on the 10th tee, if I can shoot 4‑under on the back nine, that was the target then.  Obviously got off to a great start and then went quiet again.
Even when it wasn't going well, I thought, give myself a chance, 17 and 18 have been good holes and you never know what can happen.  Still had a shot to get into a playoff but it was a long one.  But that's the way it goes.  I finished tied third first tournament of the year, haven't really played for our weeks and overall it's been very good.  My game is moving forward for the next few weeks now.
I think I swung it way better than I did in the last couple of months of last year.  Most parts of my game were pretty good this week, just until today.  Overall, had a really good week, but Louis, played great and quite hard to beat.  But to come this far, I feel very confident about my game going forward to next week and the week after, so it's been a very good week.

Q.  Something else to go in the experience pages?
TOMMY FLEETWOOD:  Yeah, it's always great when you can be leading going into the last round of such a big tournament.  You know, you can shoot‑‑ I mean, I could have been 4‑under going into today and shot 66, finished with the same score but I wouldn't have learned half as much.  You have to take the positives and you've got to want yourself to be in those positions and that's how I feel about myself really.  I want to get up there and I want to put myself in difficult situations and get out of my comfort zone and whatever it may be.
In the end, I'm sure it will all prepare me for whatever is to come in the future.  Hopefully it's big things and that's kind of where I want to be in the game.  Just keep going, take the hits and you're quite happy to take the good bits when you win, so you might as well take the hits when it doesn't go well.

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