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January 10, 2014

James Hahn


Q.  Have you ever signed for an albatross before?
JAMES HAHN:  Actually I have.  It's my second albatross.  First one was in León, México, on the Nationwide Tour, so that happened three years ago now.  Been there, done that (laughing).

Q.  Take me through the yardage, the shot.
JAMES HAHN:  So hit a good drive down the right.  It was kind of in the first cut, and I had 191 flag, 181 to the front, and I was just trying to land it about five yards short of the green.

Q.  Mission accomplished?
JAMES HAHN:¬† Yeah, exactly.¬† I wanted to hit 7‑iron but I didn't think it was going to fly, so I decided to chip a little 6‑iron.¬† I had to carve it around a tree, so I knew if I faded it and picked it clean that it would be a pretty good number for me.¬† A little into the breeze, and as soon as I hit it and it came off perfect, and it landed I don't know how many yards short of the green, but it landed short, took a perfect bounce, and then I saw it, it was like left edge the hole way, and then kind of broke right, and then it just disappeared and just went crazy.

Q.  Did you see the other one go in, your first one?
JAMES HAHN:¬† No.¬† The other one was in a‑‑ so M√©xico, 18 green is the most impossible green to hit.¬† The grandstand is behind the green, and what all the players try to do is they try to hit a punch 3‑iron, and it skips across the green, hits the back, try to get up‑and‑down from the back fringe, and I was just trying to do that, and I hit a heater from 240, and this thing is about 10 feet off the ground, and I knew it was just going to skip all the way to the back and have a little easy up‑and‑down from the back of the green, and it hits the flagstick on the fly and goes straight in the hole.¬† I wasn't even trying to be make it to be honest with you.¬† I was just trying to hit it 20 yards past the green.¬† It's good to see this one go in like that.

Q.  You guys had a nice little jump, kind of a side chest bump?  Was that rehearsed?
JAMES HAHN:  Yeah, yeah.

Q.  Was that a standard practice?
JAMES HAHN:  No, that was a little spontaneous, but I forgot that I've got to be politically correct, right, but white men can't jump.  So I got a little air, he didn't.  But it was fun, I don't think he knew that I was going to chest bump him.  But that's just what I felt like at the time.

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