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January 10, 2014

Padraig Harrington


Q.  You have a story to tell.  Tell us what happened with Ronan.
P√ĀDRAIG HARRINGTON:¬†¬† Well, my caddie was feeling poorly today and kind of felt to him like he had some sort of stomach bug and he felt like he needed to throw up, and as he went out on the golf course, he thought it would clear a bit and he was trying to do the right thing but kept feeling worse and worse.
For him to give up, I don't think I've ever seen him give up on anything ever under any circumstances, I think he felt he was starting to get in the way on the fifth hole, and he actually‑‑ when we finally said good‑bye, he physically couldn't stand up.¬† He looked like he was‑‑ yeah, he was just, all his energy and effort to stand on two feet.
When I left him then, he actually laid down and I kind of felt bad.  I really did feel bad.  He was lying there like he was in an awful lot of trouble.
But thankfully a friend of ours there, one of the media guys, who was our photographer when I was growing up back in Ireland and vacations during the winter down here and I see him here every year.  He took up the mantle.  He wasn't too sure if he could do it, but every hole he started gaining with confidence, and you know, he started off like he was carrying a set of bow and arrows but by the end of it he had the double strap in motion.  He had it all going.  He even had the lingo going by the end of it.
He knew not to talk to my golf ball.  That was very frustrating the first couple of holes because I wanted to be polite and I didn't want to tell him not to talk to my golf ball but after a few holes, he figured that one out, too.
It's amazing how much work your caddie does for you.  You know, like the simple things of just, we walk on the tee box and we say, what is the yardage and where is the wind and what's the carry; trying to figure it out yourself, it's a lot of effort in thinking.
It gives you new appreciation for what to do out there for sure.  It's tough going when you have to manage it all yourself, and I know now why we pay them the big bucks.

Q.  Has he got the job tomorrow or Ronan back hopefully?
P√ĀDRAIG HARRINGTON:¬†¬† I'd say he'd love to go for it actually I'd say.¬† As I said, he got stronger as the round went on, and it wasn't a case of‑‑ sometimes people step in like that, they stand at the side of the green and carry the bag.
But he was doing pins, doing whatever needed to be done, he was‑‑ I suppose the fact that he had photographed golf over the years, he knew exactly where and what was needed at the time.¬† So it was excellent.

Q.¬† Briefly, your game?¬† Decent‑ish?
P√ĀDRAIG HARRINGTON:¬†¬† Yeah, I've seen some bright spots at times.¬† I certainly felt like‑‑ this week is about finding and putting it all together.¬† I was very happy about how I was hitting the ball at the end of last year, and be happy if at the end of this week, I was hitting it like I was the end of last year with just a little bit better short game than last year.¬† It was certainly‑‑ I just need to show a little bit more confidence in.

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