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January 9, 2014

Chris Wood


Q.  Tell us how good a round is in these conditions?
CHRIS WOOD:   Well, it's pretty solid, yeah.  First round of the year, to get around under par today in tough conditions, I'm really pleased with.

Q.  You got off to a flyer on some of the trickier holes, as well, three birdies in a row?
CHRIS WOOD:   Yeah, nice putt holed across the green on the second, the par3.  Third hole, two or three in a row‑‑ hit some really good shots early on but then the January rust appeared on the 6th and 7th and dropped a couple of shots there but all in all, it was solid.

Q.  How much preparation has there been for the new season?
CHRIS WOOD:   Quite a lot, but it's been in wind and rain, apart from some Friday, Saturday, Sunday on the way out here, I was in Dubai.  So we're lucky to have the institute at Jumeirah Golf Estates for us to be able to go up and use, it's fantastic.  So it was a weekend and of chipping and putting and out on the golf course, which obviously haven't been able to do in England.

Q.  Did you have a good break?  Do you feel the benefit of it?
CHRIS WOOD:   Yeah, I was ready for it.  I think a lot of us were.  I had two weeks without picking a club up, doing a few other things, and then start back with my coach at home, working four or five hours most days really hitting balls and working on the stuff we wanted to do.  Pretty productive I would say.

Q.  Am I right to presume there's an excitement to the start of the new year, particularly, given the way that you began last year?
CHRIS WOOD:   I'm looking forward to Qatar, yeah, a couple of weeks' time.  Amazing how quickly the year goes.  That will be really nice to go back to a tournament like that as defending champion.

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