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January 9, 2014

Tommy Fleetwood


Q.  Subpar round in windswept conditions‑‑
TOMMY FLEETWOOD:   Well, very, the first five gives you the chills really.  You turn around and you have a few holes that are downwind but still very tricky.  There's a lot of irons off tees but it's still like an 8‑iron or 7‑iron in, difference between an iron and a pitch.
You really have to hit the fairways because they are hard to control, and it's the first round of the year, so it's nice to come back after five weeks off and play in this form.

Q.  And a couple of birdies to finish?
TOMMY FLEETWOOD:   I was lucky on 17 to be honest.  You miss the fairway there and anything can happen with second shots to the raised green.  I got a bit lucky with the bounce.
And then 18, again, hit the tee shot, it can go down to the bottom or to the green, so there's a bit of luck involved in the last couple of holes but overall I felt like I played really good.  I mean, my expectations have gone up now for the week.  I didn't really expect much.  But it's nice to play well.  It's nice to get off to a good start with your first round of the year.

Q.  Well, everybody uses the word rusty at this time of year, so where does that affect your game in particular?
TOMMY FLEETWOOD:   My short game is actually surprisingly sharp, but I've done quite a lot of practice since I've got here on my short game.  When I came here‑‑ I arrived a bit early and played on Sunday and I think I lost three balls in my first two holes.
So that definitely had some effect.  But you've just got to play, get the practice in.  It's great actually to be able to come out and practice and play in nice weather.  You know you've got seven or eight days where you can practice nonstop and you don't really get that at home.  So I feel fresher for five weeks off but I'm not sure my game will be as sharp as it was towards the end, but it's really nice to get back out.

Q.  And nature of the event is good, Volvo Golf Champions, no cut?
TOMMY FLEETWOOD:   I feel like I haven't seen anyone yet.  It's great to start the year, it's a great bonus for the guys that have won the year before and it's great it get off to a start where you know you've got guaranteed four rounds under your belt, and going into next week, I feel like next week is the hardest golf course in the world when you haven't played.  So many good things come out of playing this week so hopefully get another win this year.

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