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January 8, 2014

Bethanie Mattek-Sands


M. KEYS/B. Mattek‑Sands
3-2 (ret.)

Q. テつBethanie, bad luck tonight.テつ Obviously you've played a lot of matches qualifying through here.テつ Just tell us what's going on with your body at the moment.
BETHANIE MATTEK‑SANDS:テつ I've obviously felt better.テつ I've been through my share of injuries.テつ You know, once you start compensating too much on the court other things start hurting.
For me, I want to take care of my body.テつ It's not even just about Australian Open, it's about the rest of my year.
My biggest goal is to stay healthy.テつ I'm a huge competitor and it always hurts to have to withdraw, but I wish the best to Madison.

Q.テつ Is it any of the recurring injuries the last couple years, or is it just new ones, wear and tear type things?
BETHANIE MATTEK‑SANDS:テつ It's probably a mix of both.テつ Obviously I have played a lot of matches and I was coming off an injury from last year.
But the knee actually that I had hurt at the end of last year is feeling good, so that injury is fine.
I just got to be careful.テつ I've probably injured every part of my body at some point in my career.テつ It's just I have to be smart about it.テつ I want to keep playing throughout this whole year.

Q.テつ Injuries aside, obviously happy with your performance here the last week or so?
BETHANIE MATTEK‑SANDS:テつ Definitely.テつ I'm very happy with how I'm playing.テつ I felt I was improving every single day, and, you know, that's been my goal.
I was playing my game.テつ Even tonight I felt like I was able to have a few good rallies, few good returns.
Again, it wasn't meant to be.テつ I wish Madison the best.

Q.テつ And just lastly, a few days rest and treatment now before obviously trying to get ready for Melbourne?
BETHANIE MATTEK‑SANDS:テつ Definitely.テつ I'm taking a couple days completely off.テつ I'm going to take care the body and get treatment from the trainers and go from there.
Really looking forward to Melbourne.

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