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January 8, 2014

Petra Kvitova


P. KVITOVA/L. Safarova
7‑6, 6‑2

THE MODERATOR:テつ Questions, please.

Q.テつ How hard is it to play your Fed Cup teammate, soulmate, a friend, whatever?
PETRA KVITOVA:テつ Yeah, she's good friend of me.テつ We know each other well on and off court because we practiced a lot together in the Prostejov or in the Fed Cup team.テつ So I exactly know what she can play.テつ I knew what she will try, and I try to do my best there.
My serve was great today.テつ It helped me a lot.テつ I had a few break points, but she just served well.テつ She's lefty so it's tricky, too.テつ It's tough to play her for sure.テつ It was only my second time in our career, so it wasn't that much.
Yeah, I mean, the first set was really great match from both of us.テつ Then when I break her in the second I felt I am more up so I was trying to keep my serve.

Q.テつ Why are Czech players always left‑handed?テつ Martina, and you and Lucie.テつ What's with the left‑handers in the Czech Republic?
PETRA KVITOVA:テつ There is one more, Iveta Benesova.テつ She's not playing right now.
But I don't know.テつ Maybe something in the water.テつ (Smiling.)

Q.テつ Couple of top seeds have gone down here.テつ Were you a bit nervous going into today's game?
PETRA KVITOVA:テつ I wasn't, no.テつ I mean, I was okay.テつ I was trying to focus on my game, on my match, and not about the other seeds.
They lost already.テつ It's still tough tournament and tough next round and that's it.

Q.テつ Early on in the second set you seemed to be having a laugh with your coach.テつ Can you tell us what that was about?
PETRA KVITOVA:テつ I can actually.テつ When I had a lot of break points in the first set and I didn't make it, in the second set when I had a break point he just took off his cap.テつ So just for lucky one.テつ He did it actually and I made the break, so that's why.

Q.テつ Just wanted to ask you if you have any particular mentality going up against another left hander?
PETRA KVITOVA:テつ No.テつ How I said we practice a lot, so I know how is it with a lefty.テつ I mean, it's different a little bit in the serve, but then when you play it's not that big difference.
I didn't have really exactly something I have to do with the lefty.テつ Just the rotation from the serve, and that's it.

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