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January 8, 2014

Hideki Matsuyama


PHIL STAMBAUGH:テつ We're joined in the interview room this afternoon by Hideki Matsuyama.テつ Just a few thoughts about coming and playing in this year's Sony Open.
HIDEKI MATSUYAMA:テつ I was here last year, so it's been a year, but hopefully I can play.テつ I think I've grown up some, so I think I'll be able to do better this year.
PHIL STAMBAUGH:テつ Maybe your thoughts on your game coming into this week.テつ How is it shaping up?
HIDEKI MATSUYAMA:テつ I haven't been able to practice much, but obviously when the tournament starts I hope to play well.

Q.テつ Now that you're a PGA TOUR member, how often do you expect to play on the PGA TOUR?
HIDEKI MATSUYAMA:テつ Pretty much I'm going to play a full season here in the States.テつ That's what I'm thinking right now.

Q.テつ Do you have a base here in the U.S.?
HIDEKI MATSUYAMA:テつ I haven't decided that.テつ No, not yet.

Q.テつ How is your injury, your thumb?
HIDEKI MATSUYAMA:テつ It's getting better.

Q.テつ Is it kind of lonely at times?テつ Are there any other players that you spend time with?
HIDEKI MATSUYAMA:テつ I haven't been able to make much friends yet, but luckily Ryo from Japan is on this Tour with me, so I'd like to make friends along with him.

Q.テつ Are there certain courses on the PGA TOUR that you haven't played yet?
HIDEKI MATSUYAMA:テつ All the tournaments are courses that I've only seen on TV, so I'm really looking forward to playing all of those.
PHIL STAMBAUGH:テつ Thank you very much.テつ All the best this week.

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