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January 3, 2014

Zach Johnson


Q.  Was that a long golf course for you today with the Kona winds?
ZACH JOHNSON:  Yes and no.  Some were.  Some of the holes were playing pretty long.  It seemed like the ones that were playing long I actually hit a good drive.  I think I missed a fairway, so that's not bad, granted, the fairways are pretty large.  I don't know, if you have the tradewinds, it seems to play a lot shorter.

Q.  You were able to score very well out there, you had seven birdies, plus an eagle?
ZACH JOHNSON:  Yeah, I scored well.  I putted good, but I still had two or three putts for par0, it's just hard, some of these greens.  It's just hard to read downhill, uphill grain, left‑to‑right.
My putt on 18 was terrible.  So a couple 3‑putts that cost me, but all in all, I putted really, really well.  I putted key ten‑ to 6‑footers and I made them.  I 3‑putt six to go to 1‑under par, lipout on 7.  And then I hit a good shot in on 8, make that to go to 1‑under and then obviously the eagle on 9, a nice 8‑footer downhill.  That really did jump‑start.
My big man turns 7 tomorrow, so his whole thing is it's a good year if I can have my birthday in Hawai'i, so we are going to celebrate after the round.

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