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January 1, 2014

Casey Dellacqua


V. AZARENKA/C. Dellacqua
6‑3, 6‑1

THE MODERATOR:テつ Questions, please.

Q.テつ You said a couple days ago that you were looking forward taking on a pro like Victoria.テつ Now that the match is done, what do you take out of that?
CASEY DELLACQUA:テつ Yeah, it was good.テつ I really enjoyed it.テつ I wanted to just go out there and, yeah, enjoy the match and give what I had tonight.テつ That was my best for tonight.テつ Obviously it wasn't good enough to win.
I feel pretty good where my game is at.テつ It's pretty relentless when you play a No. 2 player in the world.テつ I think that's the difference when you play someone even top 100.テつ You get those free pins here and there.
But to play someone No. 2 in the world, it's relentless.テつ It's just a while 'nother level and different intensity for me.
Yeah, I really enjoyed it, and I can take a lot from that match I think.

Q.テつ Is that what it's about for you in terms of getting yourself back to the top of singles?
CASEY DELLACQUA:テつ Yeah, that's really good for me, that match.テつ Yeah, obviously I've been playing ITF level and been doing really well.テつ Won the playoff.テつ Beat a top 100 girl few days ago, but that's other level.テつ That's why I was really looking forward to the opportunity just to see where I'm at against someone No. 2 in the world.
I can take a lot from that match and take a lot into my practice obvious the next few days and then heading into Hobart and obviously into the Australian Open as well.
I'm really excited that I got the opportunity to play someone like that so early on in the year so that I can set up the rest of my year and know what I need to work on to compete even more with those girls.

Q.テつ (Question regarding the field.)
CASEY DELLACQUA: テつYeah, it doe.テつ For me it does.テつ I love tennis.テつ I haven't stopped watching it since summer of tennis kicked off.テつ To be out there on center court playing, it's pretty exciting.テつ I love my job.テつ I love what I do.テつ That's when I play for.
I want more of those opportunities, so, yeah, hopefully I can go into Hobart.テつ I feel pretty good.テつ Hopefully get more matches there, and then, yeah, going into the Australian Open.
I love playing down in Melbourne.テつ I love everything about Melbourne Park and Rod Laver Arena and Australian Open, so looking forward to the next few weeks.

Q.テつ Getting that break in at the end pretty satisfying?
CASEY DELLACQUA:テつ Yeah, well I thought she actually served really well for the whole match.テつ She didn't give me many second serves to get a hit on, so I think only in that last game I got into that service game.
But I actually thought she served pretty well generally tonight, so, yeah, it was good.テつ I mean, I just wanted to try and hang in there as much as she could.テつ She started to I think feel her way into the match a bit.テつ I thought she played a pretty good level tonight considering it's her first match the season, too.
I really enjoyed it.テつ Yeah, look, she's obviously a quality opponent.テつ Won the Australian Open last year.テつ Like I said, I can learn a lot from that match.テつ But, yeah, it felt pretty good tonight.

Q.テつ Going to play dubs in Hobart as well?
CASEY DELLACQUA:テつ No.テつ I'll play singles with Ash pulling out.テつ Just singles.テつ It's got its positives, you know, the fact that I can concentrate on my singles, which is what I want to do.テつ I'll go to Hobart, play singles, and then once ‑‑ I'm happy to be there all week.
If I finish, I'll go to Melbourne to prepare for the Australian Open to get ready for my first match there.

Q.テつ Ashleigh said if she is fit she's play doubles at the Australian Open.テつ Is that a boost to know you'll be playing in Melbourne if she's fit?
CASEY DELLACQUA:テつ Yeah, look, I hope so.テつ At the end of the day, we've both said singles is our priority, but as doubles team I believe we're one of the best teams in the world.テつ But you're only the best team in the world when you're both fit and healthy.
Hopefully she can recover as best she can over the next few weeks and be ready for Australian Open.
If she is, I'll be ready to go.テつ If not, I've got some other events to play.テつ Yeah, hopefully she recovers quickly.

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